What do you call where you keep clothes?

What do you call where you keep clothes?

What is another word for clothes room?

closet press
pantry wardrobe
cubbyhole storage room
walk-in cold storage
cupboard store

What is the synonym of wardrobe?

What is another word for wardrobe?

cabinet closet
cloakroom linen closet
case almirah
dresser chiffonier
clothes closet container

What is the difference between closet and wardrobe?

A wardrobe is usually a large cupboard, whereas a closet is a small cupboard. This is the major difference between them. On the other hand, a wardrobe is a large cupboard with a large storing space to keep clothes. In fact, it is used as a collective word for all the clothes that you may have in your home.

What is the other name of cupboard?

What is another word for cupboard?

cabinet closet
wardrobe cuddy
pantry ambry
depository repository
dresser chiffonier

What is the difference between cupboard and cabinet?

The difference between a cupboard and a cabinet is that a cupboard can be a freestanding unit usually found in a kitchen or pantry, while a cabinet is typically built into a wall and employed.

What does Amoir mean?

English Language Learners Definition of armoire : a tall piece of furniture that usually has two doors and that is used to store things (such as clothes) See the full definition for armoire in the English Language Learners Dictionary.

What is the meaning hutch?

Definition of hutch 1a : a chest or compartment for storage. b : a cupboard usually surmounted by open shelves. 2 : a pen or coop for an animal.

Where did the name cupboard come from?

According to Google at least, the word “cupboard” originated in late Middle English as denoting a board that held cups. Since then, the word has evolved to mean a kind of cabinet.

What is an Armario?

armario Noun. armario, el ~ (m) (armarietealacena) closet, the ~ Noun. cabinet, the ~ Noun. cupboard, the ~ Noun.

What is a amwar?

: a usually tall cupboard or wardrobe.