What did Joe Medwick do in 1937?

What did Joe Medwick do in 1937?

And how fitting. Medwick won the Triple Crown in 1937 – and earned National League MVP honors – after leading the circuit in batting average (. 374), home runs (31), and RBI (154). No National League player has done it since.

Is Joe Medwick a Hall of Famer?

Medwick was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1968. He passed away on March 21, 1975. that Joe Medwick was the first player to collect four hits in an All-Star Game when he accomplished the feat in the 1937 Midsummer Classic?

Why was Joe Medwick called Ducky?

Some say it was because he waddled like a duck when he walked. His teammates picked up on it and started calling him Ducky or even worse Ducky Wucky. Joe detested the name, but it caught on and for years sportswriters routinely referred to him as Ducky.

Is Ducky Medwick in the Hall of Fame?

Joseph Michael Medwick (November 24, 1911 – March 21, 1975), nicknamed “Ducky” and “Muscles”, was an American Major League Baseball player….

Joe Medwick
Baseball Hall of Fame
Induction 1968
Vote 84.81% (eighth ballot)

What number was Joe Medwick?

7St. Louis Cardinals / Outfielder
Joe Medwick/Number
Hall of Famer Joe Medwick wore three numbers for the Cardinals – 28, 7 and 21 – in two tours here. But he wore No. 7 for eight seasons, from 1933-40, the first seven of which were the best seasons of his career. From 1933-39, Medwick hit .

What 2 teams played in the 1934 World Series?

1934 World Series – St. Louis Cardinals over Detroit Tigers (4-3) | Baseball-Reference.com.

What team did Joe Medwick play for?

Louis Cardinals during the “Gashouse Gang” era of the 1930s, he also played with the Brooklyn Dodgers (1940–1943, 1946), New York Giants (1943–1945), and Boston Braves (1945). Medwick’s 1937 Triple Crown is the last won in the National League….

Joe Medwick
Runs batted in 1,383