What causes tuberculosis of the breast?

What causes tuberculosis of the breast?

Tuberculosis is caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis and affects primarily the lungs. Breast tuberculosis is a rare disease, with an incidence of less than 0.1% of all breast lesions in Western countries and 3–4% in tuberculosis endemic regions, such as India and Africa.

Can TB cause mastitis?

Tuberculosis of the mammary gland is a rare disorder often mistaken for other benign and malignant lesions of the breast. In India, the incidence of tuberculous mastitis has been reported to be between 1 – 4.5%.

Is breast TB curable?

The disease is curable with antitubercular drugs, and surgery is rarely required.

Is breast TB painful?

Pain is usually dull and constant in breast TB. In Puneet’s series,7 12 patients were clinically misdiagnosed as fibroadenoma, 17 as fibroadenosis and 8 as carcinoma. Breast tuberculosis commonly affects young multiparous, lactating women.

What is TB gland symptoms?

Fever. Night sweats. Weight loss. Weakness. Lung problems (cough, shortness of breath, chest pain)

How is granulomatous mastitis treated?

The treatment choices for GM include corticosteroids, antibiotics, abscess drainage, wide surgical resection, and even mastectomy. Several reports have described that corticosteroid administration and/or wide excision are effective. However, the optimal treatment of patients with GM is uncertain.

Can tuberculosis cause breast lumps?

From few months to few years duration, breast tuberculosis usually presents as a solitary breast lump in the central or upper outer quadrant due to frequent extension from axillary lymph node to the breast. Presentation with multiple or bilateral breast masses is uncommon.

What are the symptoms of breast tuberculosis?

A breast mass with or without ulceration of overlying skin and discharging sinuses are common manifestations of breast TB. Multiple nodules and multiple sinuses may occur, but multiple lumps are unusual. Tenderness is more commonly seen in breast TB rather than in breast carcinomas.

What can happen if mastitis is left untreated?

Mastitis can occur with or without the presence of infection. As it progresses, mastitis can cause the formation of a breast abscess. This is a localized collection of pus within breast tissue. Severe cases of mastitis can be fatal if left untreated.