What caste is Maruthuvar?

What caste is Maruthuvar?

Maruthuvar and Pandithar are known as Priest Caste, of which they are a part of the solemnization of weddings, naming at birth and deaths.

Which is the highest caste in South India?

The Brahmins, on top of the hierarchical social order, viewed the ruling castes of the south like the Reddys, Nairs and Vellalars as sat-Shudras meaning shudras of “true being”. Sat-shudras are also known as clean shudras, upper shudras, pure or high-caste shudras.

Which is lowest caste in Tamilnadu?

Paraiyar, or Parayar or Maraiyar (formerly anglicised as Pariah and Paree), is a caste group found in the Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, and Sri Lanka….

Country India, Sri Lanka
Populated states Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Puducherry
Ethnicity Tamils
Related groups Sri Lankan Tamils • Other Dravidians

Is Navithar low caste?

While both Navithar and Vanniyar are categorised as Most Backward Class (MBC) in Tamil Nadu, Navithar are more marginalised because their traditional caste occupation is cutting hair. Vanniyar are also numerically dominant in Dharmapuri.

What is the caste of mudaliar?

The title was primarily used by the communities like the Agamudaiyar, Karaiyars, Sengunthars and Vellalars. Other communities adopted it as means to present themselves as superior to the social status which they actually held.

Who is Chowdarys?

Moreover, in the Telangana region, Muslim rulers collected taxes through intermediaries from the dominant castes, such as the Kammas, who were given the title Chowdary.

Which is the lowest caste in South India?

At the bottom of the heap were the Shudras, who came from Brahma’s feet and did all the menial jobs. The main castes were further divided into about 3,000 castes and 25,000 sub-castes, each based on their specific occupation. Outside of this Hindu caste system were the achhoots – the Dalits or the untouchables.

Who is best caste in Tamil Nadu?

The top three castes by numbers in Tamil Nadu are Thevar (also known as Mukkulaththor), Vanniar and Kongu Vellalar (also known as Gounder). As is natural, they wield most of the political power in the state.

Who were the maruthuvars?

The Maruthuvar, in olden days they were the doctors for Kings. They followed Siddha to treat patients. That time, people were not used to cut their hair, rather they grow. When they got wound, the “Maruthuvars” removed hairs in the wounded area.

Is Menon an upper class caste in India?

Menon is a sub caste of the Nair Community which belongs to Kerala state. Yes it has its own reservations and is considered as an upper class (caste). Describe the caste system in South Asia and discuss how it frames Indian society? The caste system has a number of levels in hierarchy.

What is the difference between navidhar and Maruthuvar?

So these “Maruthuvars”, started doing the job of cutting hairs. So there was no separation like “Navidhar” in olden days, after British came to rule “Navidhar” became a community. Then our Government joined “Navidhar” to “Maruthuvar”, saying same community people.

What is the lowest caste in Hinduism?

The untouchables (or Dalit) are the lowest caste in the Hindu caste system. While discrimination based on caste has been prohibited and untouchability abolished under the Constitution of India, discrimination and prejudice against Dalits in South Asia remains.