What are the functions of Spermathecae?

What are the functions of Spermathecae?

Its purpose is to receive and store sperm from the male or, in the case of hermaphrodites, the male component of the body. Spermathecae can sometimes be the site of fertilization when the oocytes are sufficiently developed.

What is the significance of spermatheca in a queen?

bees. …a structure known as the spermatheca, which allows them to control the fertilization of their eggs. Thus queens can lay eggs that are either unfertilized or fertilized.

What does spermatheca mean?

Definition of spermatheca : a sac for sperm storage in the female reproductive tract of various lower animals and especially insects.

What is spermathecae in cockroach?

The spermatheca is an ectodermal organ responsible for receiving, maintaining, and releasing sperm to fertilize eggs. The detailed structure of the cockroach spermatheca is described and discussed firstly as an example of an insect integumentary gland, and secondly, from the standpoint of its role in reproduction.

How many spermathecae are found in male cockroach?

There are two spermathecae ( one pair) in cockroach.

What is Spermathecae in cockroach?

Is spermatheca paired in cockroach?

Answer: (a) Cockroach (b) Four pairs of spermathecae are present 6-9th segments.

How many Spermathecae are found in male cockroach?

How does the Typhlosole function?

In earthworms, it is a dorsal flap of the intestine that runs along most of its length, effectively forming a tube within a tube, and increasing the absorption area by that of its inner surface. Its function is to increase intestine surface area for more efficient absorption of digested nutrients.

How many Spermathecae does a cockroach have?

What is the function of Colleterial gland?

The colleterial glands of insects are organs associated with the female genital apparatus. In cockroaches, these glands produce secretions that cover two parallel rows of eggs during oviposition, and in oviparous species, these secretions become the tanned, sculpted, rigid outer casing of the ootheca.