Is Timothy Hay bad for gerbils?

Is Timothy Hay bad for gerbils?

Gerbils require and enjoy moderate to large handfuls of timothy hay or orchard grass several times a week. They like to play in it, nibble it and add it to their nests. Hay can be found at pet stores and online. If kept dry, hay does not go bad.

Is hay suitable for gerbils?

Hay is often best used when combined with another material, such as beddings made from wood pulp. Gerbils can use they hay when they’re burrowing into the other material to support their tunnels and nests.

What is the best bedding for gerbils?

Carefresh or cardboard shavings – This is soft, cozy bedding that is great for tunnelling. It’s digestible, and gerbils can’t get tangled up in it. Shredded paper – A long as the paper is ink- and dye-free, shredded paper can be a good choice of bedding, and has the benefit of being cheap too.

Can gerbils have hay and straw?

Most gerbil owners use hay as an addition to the regular bedding to help bulk it out. You can place it on top or layer it with other substrates. Your gerbils will pick bits out as and when they need them. Any hay sold for animal use is safe for gerbils, such as timothy, orchard, and alfalfa hay.

Can gerbils have pumice stone?

This Pumice Chew Block is a natural pumice stone ideal for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, Prairie Dogs, Degus, Hamsters, Rats, Mice, and Gerbils. It satisfies your pet’s natural gnawing instinct and won’t splinter like wood chews, even after hours of chewing.

Can gerbils eat egg?

Gerbils can eat boiled or scrambled eggs but they may not recognize raw eggs as food. Eggshells contain minerals, and gerbils like them because they’re crunchy and wear down their teeth. However, eggs are too high in fat and protein to be a regular foodstuff. They should only be offered as a snack once or twice a week.

What should I put in my gerbil cage?

What Gerbils Need

  1. A cage. Your gerbils will need a place to live within your home – a gerbil cage placed somewhere nice and quiet.
  2. Food.
  3. Water.
  4. Companions.
  5. Bedding.
  6. Grooming and Medical Equipment.
  7. 7.Toys.
  8. Gnaws and Chews.

What supplies do I need for a gerbil?

Shopping list for needed supplies:

  • appropriately sized habitat.
  • high quality gerbil food.
  • treats.
  • bedding.
  • nesting fluff.
  • food bowl/water bottle.
  • exercise wheel.
  • hideaway place.

What do you put in bottom of gerbils Cage?

Use absorbent bedding such as recycled paper bedding or dust-free Aspen shavings. Avoid pine and cedar shavings since the fumes are harmful to gerbils. You can also use plain, shredded paper that does not have any newsprint on it.

Is chinchilla sand OK for gerbils?

Although there may not be one specifically for gerbils, chinchilla sand will do just fine. Be careful to get sand and not dust, as dust has been known to cause respiratory problems. They’ll squirm around in the sand, giving themselves a good scrub in the process.