Is Tabatha a popular name?

Is Tabatha a popular name?

Use in the United states and the United Kingdom The character Tabitha Stephens, a child witch on the 1960s television situation comedy Bewitched, raised the profile of the name. It has since declined in popularity. In 2009 it was the 647th most popular name for girls in the United States.

What does Tabatha mean?

t(a)-ba-tha. Origin:Aramaic. Popularity:14447. Meaning:gazelle.

What does the name tabetha mean?

t(a)-be-tha. Origin:Aramaic. Popularity:10778. Meaning:gazelle.

Is Tabitha a cat’s name?

The name Tabitha is an excellent name for a tabby girl of any pattern. Besides for the name’s play on tabby, Tabitha was also the name of the anthropomorphic cat in many of Beatrix Potter’s novels.

Is Talitha a biblical name?

The name Talitha is a girl’s name of Arabic, Aramaic origin meaning “little girl”. Talitha appears in the Bible as words Jesus says to awaken a young girl whose parents feared she was dead. It has been used in the US since colonial times.

What is the meaning of Talia?

Dew of Heaven
Talia (Hebrew: ‎טליה “Dew of Heaven”) is a feminine given name of Hebrew origin. Alternative spellings include: Taliah, Taaliah, Talya, Tahlia, Taliya, Taliea, Taylia or Talie. The name Talia originated in Ancient Israel.

What kind of name is Tabatha?

▼ as a name for girls is of Aramaic derivation, and the meaning of the name Tabatha is “gazelle”. Tabatha is a variant form of Tabitha (Aramaic). Biblical: the Aramaic name of Dorcas.

How do you pronounce tabetha?

  1. Phonetic spelling of Tabetha. TAABeh-THah. t-ae-b-eh-th-ae. Ta-betha. tabetha.
  2. Meanings for Tabetha. A feminine name of American origin.
  3. Translations of Tabetha. Russian : Табета Hindi : पत्नी

Is Tabitha a good name?

The name Tabitha is a girl’s name of Aramaic origin meaning “gazelle”. Though never as popular as the name of her Bewitched mother, Samantha, Tabitha has its own quirky, magical charm. The name of a charitable woman who was restored to life by Saint Peter in the Bible, it was a popular Puritan choice.

Is Talitha a rare name?

Talitha (Classical Syriac: ܛܠܝܼܬ݂ܵܐ/ܛܠܻܝܬ݂ܳܐ ṭlīṯā or ṭlīṯō) is an uncommon feminine name meaning “little girl” in Aramaic, given in reference to the Biblical story in the Gospel of Mark in which Jesus Christ was said to have resurrected a dead child with the words “Talitha cumi” or “Talitha kum” or “Talitha koum,” …

What does Cumi mean?

Controlled Unclassified Military Information (national defense) CUMI.