Is Josh Groban Italian?

Is Josh Groban Italian?

Groban was born in Los Angeles, California, to Jack Groban, a businessman, and Lindy Groban (née Johnston), a school teacher. His father is a descendant of Jewish immigrants from Poland and Ukraine, and converted from Judaism to Christianity upon marrying his mother.

Does Josh Groban speak multiple languages?

• Multilingual Although Josh studies the songs he sings in Italian, French, and Spanish to make sure his pronunciation is perfect, he does not speak these languages fluently. He did take a few years of Japanese when he was in school.

How many languages is Josh Groban fluent in?

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What kind of singing voice does Josh Groban have?

Josh Groban has described himself as a ‘tenor in training’. He has been referred to as both a tenor and a baritone, with his range reaching from G2 (two Gs below middle C) to B4, just short of a tenor C in live performances. Although his voice has a lot of musical theatre influences, Groban also performs some opera.

How old is Bocelli?

63 years (September 22, 1958)
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What genre is Andrea Bocelli?

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Andrea Bocelli, (born September 22, 1958, Lajatico, near Pisa, Italy), Italian tenor noted for his unique blend of opera and pop music.

What vocal range is Johnny Cash?

Famous Singers with Bass Vocal Ranges: Johnny Cash, D#2 – B5.

How old is Michael Buble?

46 years (September 9, 1975)
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How old is Celine Dion?

53 years (March 30, 1968)
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Does Josh Groban siblings?

Chris Groban
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What is Andrea Bocelli vocal range?

Andrea can get to a G, maybe an A-flat, in that full voice. After that, which was bel canto tradition, they turned it into, if not a real falsetto, a mixed voice. If you look at some of these old Donizetti things, written up to high Bs, by the time they were singing that high, they were singing in a falsetto.

What voice type is Sarah Brightman?

What is amazing about Sarah is that she has two voices, really. She can produce a pop, contemporary sound, but she can also blossom out into a light lyric soprano. The soprano part of her voice can go up to a F6 above her known E6. She doesn’t sing it full out, but it is there.