Is it themself or theirself?

Is it themself or theirself?

In traditional English there is no correct singular form of this non-word; instead of “theirself” most people use “himself” or ”herself.” If you encounter “themself,” it’s probably not a mistake but a deliberate choice to avoid specifying gender, following the pattern of using singular “they” for the same reason.

What is the meaning of themselves and themself?

Definition of themself nonstandard. : themselves —now used chiefly in place of “himself or herself” as a gender-neutral reflexive form of they when the reference is to a single person (as in “each person can decide for themself”)

Is there such a word as theirself?

Theirself is a singular, gender-neutral pronoun used as an alternative to the plural-sounding themselves or to the gender-specific himself or herself.

How do you use themself in a sentence?

themselves: The kids began laughing at themself. Everyone who got the right answer can congratulate themself. The teacher introduced themself to the class. a reflexive form of singular they, as used to refer to a nonbinary or gender-nonconforming person: Chris only posts memes that they created themself.

Is themself grammatically correct?

Is it ever okay to say ‘themself’? As singular they becomes more widely accepted—and increasingly adopted formally by even traditional news outlets—the reflexive pronoun that logically goes with it is gaining traction too. As singular ‘they’ becomes more popular, ‘themself’ is also gaining traction.

How do you use themselves and theirselves?

Since one of these words is never correct, it’s easy to remember themselves vs. theirselves. Themselves is the correct word. Theirselves is nonstandard.

What kind of pronoun is themself?

Other Types of Pronoun

Pronoun Type Members of the Subclass
Reflexive myself, yourself, himself, herself, itself, oneself, ourselves, yourselves, themselves
Reciprocal each other, one another
Relative that, which, who, whose, whom, where, when
Demonstrative this, that, these, those

Is it OK to use themself?

Although some current dictionaries, for example, The New Oxford Dictionary of English, state that themself has re-emerged in recent years when used to refer to a singular gender-neutral noun or pronoun (“themselves” remains the normal third person plural reflexive form), they label it as “rare” or “disputed” or “not …

When can we use themselves?

language note: Themselves is the third person plural reflexive pronoun. You use themselves to refer to people, animals, or things when the object of a verb or preposition refers to the same people or things as the subject of the verb. They all seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Is themself one or two words?

What is the difference between each other and themselves?

You know we use ‘each other/one another’ instead of reflexives (e.g themselves) when the similar action goes both ways between 2 or more people.

What is the use of themselves?