Is Doyle Alexander in the Hall of Fame?

Is Doyle Alexander in the Hall of Fame?

The Alabama Sports Hall of Fame has announced its Class of 2022: Doyle Alexander, William Andrews, Keith Askins, Rusty Greer, Patrick Murphy, Jake Peavy, Phillip Rivers and Justin Tuck. The eight athletics standouts will be inducted May 7, 2022.

Who led the Tigers in strikeouts in 1965?

Denny McLain
June 15, 1965: Denny McLain sets Tigers record with 14 strikeouts in relief. On Tuesday, June 15, 1965, majestic Tiger Stadium held 9,624 spectators who witnessed one of the most historic pitching accomplishments in Detroit Tigers history.

Who lead the Detroit Tigers in home runs in 1989?

Lou Whitaker paced Detroit with 28 home runs and drove in 85 runs. Gary Pettis led all qualifying hitters on the roster by hitting . 257. Mike Henneman topped the squad with 11 wins, while Frank Tanana recorded a 3.58 ERA, tops among regularly-used pitchers.

Who was traded for Doyle Alexander?

John Smoltz
The price they would pay to get one, however, would eventually be measured in bronze. On Aug 12, 1987, the Detroit Tigers acquired pitcher Doyle Alexander from the Atlanta Braves, trading away a Double-A right-hander named John Smoltz.

Who was the manager of the 1968 Detroit Tigers?

Mayo Smith
1968 Detroit Tigers season

1968 Detroit Tigers
Other information
Owner(s) John Fetzer
General manager(s) Jim Campbell
Manager(s) Mayo Smith

Who did the Tigers trade Smoltz for?

Doyle Alexander
Detroit Tigers trade John Smoltz to the Braves for Doyle Alexander. This is the best proof that hindsight is 20/20. On paper, the Tigers trade of minor leaguer John Smoltz to the Braves for Doyle Alexander made perfect sense. After all, Smoltz was a 22nd round pick who went 4-10 with a 5.68 ERA in Double-A in 1987.

Does Dave Stieb have a World Series ring?

After an excellent 1990 season, a series of shoulder and back injuries early in the 1991 season ended his effective pitching years, culminating in a 4–6 season in 1992 that resulted in his release. Despite this, he was awarded a World Series ring, after the Blue Jays won their first championship later that year.

Who pitched in the 1968 World Series?

Mickey Lolich
Mickey Lolich cemented his place in Detroit Tigers lore by pitching the franchise — no, willing it — to one of the greatest World Series comebacks in history. Lolich, then a portly 27-year-old, took the mound at Busch Stadium in St. Louis in Game 7 of the World Series on Oct. 10, 1968.

Who has died from the 1968 Detroit Tigers?

Bill Freehan
Bill Freehan, a hero of the 1968 Detroit Tigers, has died at age 79. Aug. 19, 2021, at 2:39 p.m. DETROIT (AP) — Bill Freehan, an 11-time All-Star catcher with the Detroit Tigers and key player on the 1968 World Series championship team, died Thursday at age 79.

Why did the Red Sox trade Jeff Bagwell?

The half-witted Red Sox traded Jeff Bagwell to Houston for witty Larry Andersen. The Larry Anderson for Jeff Bagwell trade was the worst trade ever. Unless, of course, you are an Astros fan. Now, the Astros did give up one of the greatest baseball wits of all time in Larry.

Did Dave Stieb throw a no-hitter?

Four times the Blue Jays right-hander had been on the cusp of baseball immortality; four times he had his date with destiny snatched away in cruel fashion. 2, 1990, 31 years ago today, Stieb pitched the first, and only, no-hitter in Blue Jays franchise history, shutting out the Indians 3-0 at Cleveland Stadium.

How many hitters did Dave Stieb throw?

His highest bWAR was 0.9 in 1988. If I was going to guess which player would get the only hit off Stieb in this game, I don’t think Quirk would have been in the top 8. Stieb’s pitching line was 9 innings, 1 hit, 4 walks, and 5 strikeouts. He threw 109 pitches….Lineup.

Manuel Lee, SS Roberto Kelly, CF

When did Willie Alexander debut in the MLB?

After being drafted by the Dodgers in 1968, Alexander debuted in the big leagues in 1971 with the team. He was traded, along with Bob O’Brien, Sergio Robles and Royle Stillman, to the Baltimore Orioles for Frank Robinson and Pete Richert in the offseason.

What happened to Bob Alexander in the World Series?

Alexander was traded to the New York Yankees as part of a ten-player deal in the middle of the 1976 season and went 10–5 to help the Yankees win the American League East division. He did not pitch during the American League Championship Series, so he was tapped to start Game 1 of the World Series against the Cincinnati Reds, which he lost.

How many games did Jim Alexander win with the Blue Jays?

The Blue Jays were on the rise in the mid 1980s, and Alexander was an instrumental part of their success, winning 17 games in both 1984 and 1985, including the division-clinching win over the Yankees in 1985.

Who did Bob Alexander get traded to?

He was traded, along with Bob O’Brien, Sergio Robles and Royle Stillman, to the Baltimore Orioles for Frank Robinson and Pete Richert in the offseason. Alexander enjoyed his first winning season with the Orioles in 1973, when he went 12–8 with a 3.86 ERA.