Is CuSO4 acidic or basic?

Is CuSO4 acidic or basic?

Since, cupric hydroxide is a weak base and sulphuric acid is a strong acid so, hydrogen ion is more than hydroxyl ion in water and as result of this, the aqueous solution of copper sulphate is acidic in nature.

Why is CuSO4 solution acidic?

Copper sulfate is acidified because Copper sulphate is a salt of a strong acid, H2SO4, and a weak base, Cu(OH)2. So hydrogen ion is more than hydroxyl ion in water. As a result the solution is acidic.

Is CuSO4 an acidic salt?

The standard answer is yes, because “H2SO4 is a strong acid, hence SO42− is a weak base.

Is CuSO4 an acidic solution?

Notes: Aqueous solution of copper sulphate is acidic in nature because copper sulphate on dissolving with water, following chemical reaction takes place CuSO4(s) + 2H2O – Cu(OH)2(l) + H2SO4(aq) Now as we can see in above chemical equation the sulphuric acid generated is strong mineral acid which results into increase …

Is CuSO4 a neutral salt?

Copper sulphate is a salt of a strong acid, H2SO4, and a weak base, Cu(OH)2. The release of additional H+ ions by hydrolysis makes the solution distinctly acidic.

Is nahco3 acidic basic or neutral?

Sodium bicarbonate is a weak base with pH slightly above 7.

Is NaCN acidic basic or neutral?

NaCN is a basic salt having a pH value of more than 7, made from the neutralization of a strong base(NaOH) and weak acid (HCN).

What is the pH of NaHCO3?

Sodium bicarbonate is usually slightly alkaline. If we look at the pH of freshly prepared 0.1 molar aqueous solution it will be 8.3 at 77°F.

Is NaH2PO4 an acid or base?

b) NaH2PO4 and Na2HPO4 are an acid/base conjugate pair. They will make an excellent buffer. c) H2CO3 and NaHCO3 are also an acid/base conjugate pair and they will make an excellent buffer. The carbonic acid/bicarbonate buffer plays an important role in maintaining the pH of your blood at a constant value.

What is NaCN pH?

What is the pH of a 0.50 M aqueous NaCN solution? pkb of CN- is 4.70.

Is NaCN an acid?

NaCN is neither acid nor base, it is salt in nature as it formed from the neutralization of strong base(NaOH) and weak acid(HCN), however, NaCN is said to be basic salt also, due to the formation of OH– radicals when dissolved in aqueous solution.

Is NaHCO3 acidic or basic?

What does CuSO4 stand for in chemistry?

CuSO4 stands for copper(II) sulfate. Sulfate is the polyatomic ion SO4 -2. Since there is only one copper ion, it must have a +2 charge to cancel the…

What is CuSO4 used for?

CuSO4 is an ionic compound that is used for a variety of tasks. It can be sprayed on fruits to control fungus growth, it can be mixed in solutions to test for proteins and sugars, and it burns a bright blue-green.

How is the equation for CuSO4?

The balanced equation will appear above. Best Answer: It’s CuSO4. 5H2O—->CuSO4 +5H2O because the compound containing Cu S O and H is hydrated copper sulfate and has 5 water molecules attached to it. Balance CuSO4*5H2O + H2S = CuS + H2SO4 + H2O chemical equation or reaction using this calculator!

What is the charge for CuSO4?

CuSO4, also known as copper(II) sulfate, is an inorganic compound made by combining a copper ion with a charge of positive two and a sulfate anion with a charge of negative two. CuSO4 is used as a fungicide, pesticide and herbicide , and it inhibits the growth of certain bacteria. Copper(II) sulfate is…