How old was Shaun White when he went pro?

How old was Shaun White when he went pro?

He became a phenomenon on the amateur circuit, claiming five national titles, and turned professional at age 13. He made his Winter X Games debut in 2000 and won five slopestyle titles (2003–06, 2009), as well as superpipe titles in 2003, 2006, and 2008–13.

How old is Shaun White?

35 years (September 3, 1986)
Shaun White/Age
One thing that’s not on the shelf yet: him. White confirmed this month what was widely expected, that the 35-year-old from Carlsbad will try to qualify for a fifth U.S. Olympic team and win a fourth gold medal in snowboarding’s halfpipe. Qualifying begins in December. The 2022 Winter Games open Feb.

How old was Shaun White at first Olympics?

19 years old
Shaun White was 19 years old when he competed at his first Olympics in Turin, Italy.

What age did Shaun White start snowboarding?

Who Is Shaun White? Born in San Diego in 1986, Shaun White began skateboarding after following his older brother to the nearby YMCA, and took up snowboarding at the age of six.

How old is Jamie Anderson?

31 years (September 13, 1990)
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How did Shaun White and Nina Dobrev meet?

Nina Dobrev is currently in a relationship with pro snowboarder and X Games gold medalist Shaun White. The pair were first linked in February 2020 when eagle-eyed fans noticed they both appeared to be on the same safari holiday together in South Africa.

How tall is Shaun White?

5′ 9″
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What happened to Jamie Anderson?

Anderson is currently residing in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada with her boyfriend, Tyler Nicholson, a Canadian Snowboarder. She met Nicholson at a bar at Whistler, and they’ve been together since 2015.

How rich is Shaun White?

Shaun White Net Worth

Net Worth: $60 Million
Date of Birth: Sep 3, 1986 (35 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.75 m)
Profession: Athlete, Snowboarder, Actor, Skateboarder

Who is Nina best friend?

Julianne Hough delights fans with stunning selfie featuring BFF Nina Dobrev

  • Julianne Hough left her fans beside themselves as she posed in a serene selfie with her BFF, Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev.
  • The pair, who recently launched their own wine company, posed together inside while wearing matching white tops.

How old is Nina Dobrev now?

32 years (January 9, 1989)
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How much is Shaun worth?

As of 2021, Shaun White’s net worth is roughly $60 million, which makes him by far the richest snowboarder in the world. What is this? Shaun White is an American professional snowboarder and skateboarder. White has won three gold medals within the Olympics during his career….

Net Worth: $60 Million
Last Updated: 2021

How old is Shaun White now?

Professional snowboarder and skateboarder Shaun Roger White was born on September 3, 1986, in San Diego, California. Born with a congenital heart defect, White had two cardiac surgeries before the age of five. White first got into skateboarding after following his older brother, Jesse, to the nearby Encinitas YMCA.

How old was Shaun White when he started snowboarding?

Following in his older brother Jesse White’s footsteps, White switched from skiing to snowboarding at age six, and by age seven, he received his first sponsorship. White has participated in four Winter Olympics in his career.

How many Olympic medals did Shaun White win in 2018?

White in 2018. Shaun Roger White (born September 3, 1986) is an American professional snowboarder, skateboarder and musician. He is a three-time Olympic gold medalist. He holds the record for the most X-Games gold medals and most Olympic gold medals by a snowboarder, and has won 10 ESPY Awards.

Where did Shaun White go to high school?

He grew up in his hometown San Diego and attended the Torrey Pines High School in the North County Coastal area of San Diego, California. Shaun White began his career Hawk befriended the nine-year-old White at a local skatepark and mentored him, helping him turn pro in skateboarding at the age of 17.