How old is Julius La Rosa?

How old is Julius La Rosa?

86 years (1930–2016)
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When did Julius La Rosa die?

May 12, 2016
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What happened to Julius La Rosa?

Julius La Rosa, the celebrated 1950s singer who reinvented himself as a television, stage and nightclub performer after his young career was thrown into turmoil by a bizarre and humiliating on-the-air firing by Arthur Godfrey before a national audience, died on Thursday at his home in Crivitz, Wis. He was 86.

Was Julius La Rosa married?

Rosemary Meyerm. 1956–2016
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How old is Arthur Godfrey?

79 years (1903–1983)
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What did Arthur Godfrey die of?

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Godfrey, who had been mostly retired since the late 1950’s, died in Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York after a stay of 13 days. The cause of death was emphysema and pneumonia. So popular was Mr.

When did Arthur Godfrey die?

March 16, 1983
Arthur Godfrey/Date of death
Arthur Godfrey, in full Arthur Morton Godfrey, (born August 31, 1903, New York City, New York—died March 16, 1983, New York City), American radio and television entertainer widely popular in the 1940s and ’50s, whose many broadcast programs launched the careers of numerous popular singers and other entertainers.

What happened with Arthur Godfrey and Julius La Rosa?

It seems that Julius La Rosa, a handsome, up-and-coming singer over the media of television was abruptly fired by his boss, Arthur Godfrey with little explanation. Godfrey, was a ukulele-playing radio and television personality, whose calm, folksy manner won him millions of admirers in the 1940s and 50s.

Where did Arthur Godfrey live?

New York
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Manhattan, New York, U.S. Manhattan, New York, U.S. Arthur Morton Godfrey (August 31, 1903 – March 16, 1983) was an American radio and television broadcaster and entertainer who was sometimes introduced by his nickname The Old Redhead.