How old is Collis Temple?

How old is Collis Temple?

69 years (November 8, 1952)
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Who is Collis Temple iii?

Collis Temple III of Baton Rouge, is a National Sales Director and agency owner with Primerica, an international financial services marketing organization. Prior to joining Primerica and pursuing his own dreams of business ownership, Collis was a student-athlete playing basketball at LSU.

Who was the first black football player at LSU?


1971 First Black wrestler (Joe Lee Lott)
1972 First Black Ph.D. graduate in Chemistry (Richard Evans)
1972 First Black LSU varsity football players (Lora O. Hinton, Jr. and Mikell Williams)
1972 First Black man gymnast (Mike Carter)
1972 First Black Tigress Pom Pon (Elma Walker)

Who was the first black athlete at LSU?

When Temple stepped on LSU’s campus for the first time 50 years ago, he became the first Black scholarship athlete in LSU history. Growing up in Kentwood, Louisiana, Temple lived a segregated, but relatively fortunate childhood.

How tall is Collis Temple?

6′ 8″
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When was the first black student admitted to LSU?

When Alexander “A.P.” Tureaud Jr. became the first black undergraduate student admitted to LSU in 1953, he knew his situation would get ugly very soon.

When did LSU admit black students?

In 1951, a 41-year-old father of three became the first black student admitted to Louisiana State University who was allowed to attend.

Is LSU a black school?

In fall 2020, LSU broke its record for the most diverse and largest freshman class in history. Of the record 6,690 freshmen, more than 30% identified as students of color, African-Americans made up the most at 16.8%.

Is LSU a 2 or 4 year college?

US News – AlexisHi Daymin, Louisiana State University is a four-year public research university in Baton Rouge. LSU has 15 colleges, two health sciences centers and an online program.

Who was the first African American to attend LSU?

Lora Hinton
There are very few people in LSU history with a resume’ like former football player and Athletics Hall of Fame inductee Lora Hinton. As an 18-year-old in the fall of 1971, he made the courageous decision to attend LSU and become the first African-American football player in program history.