How old is Chris Waddle?

How old is Chris Waddle?

60 years (December 14, 1960)Chris Waddle / Age

Where was Waddle born?

Felling, Gateshead, United KingdomChris Waddle / Place of birthFelling is an eastern suburb of Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, England. The town was formed when three villages coalesced in the 19th century. Historically part of County Durham, the town was subsumed into the metropolitan borough of Gateshead in 1974. Wikipedia

How tall is Chris Waddle?

6′ 2″Chris Waddle / Height

When did Chris Waddle retire?

2002Chris Waddle / Career end

Is Chris Waddle a Sunderland fan?

Despite spending five years at Newcastle, and that spell the one that announced him on the big stage, Waddle was a Sunderland fan as a boy. He did get to play for Sunderland in his career though, as he signed for them in 1997, although he couldn’t help them stay in the Premier League.

How old is Glenn Hoddle?

64 years (October 27, 1957)Glenn Hoddle / Age

Did Chris Waddle play for Falkirk?

Would he talk about Falkirk? In 1996 Waddle played four times for Falkirk, in the second tier of Scottish football.

When was Robbie Savage born?

October 18, 1974 (age 47 years)Robbie Savage / Date of birth

When was Harry Redknapp born?

March 2, 1947 (age 74 years)Harry Redknapp / Date of birth

Henry James Redknapp (born 2 March 1947) is an English football manager. He has previously managed AFC Bournemouth, West Ham United, Portsmouth, Southampton, Tottenham Hotspur, Queens Park Rangers and Birmingham City.

What is a waddler?

Definitions of waddler. someone who walks with a waddling gait. type of: footer, pedestrian, walker.

What is a waddled?

/ˈwɒd. əl/ (usually of a person or animal with short legs and a fat body) to walk with short steps, moving the body from one side to the other: The ducks waddled down to the river. A short, fat waiter waddled over.