How much barb wire is in a roll?

How much barb wire is in a roll?

If you’re purchasing barbed wire, one roll is equal to 1,320 feet of fence, or 1/4 of a mile.

How do you calculate barbed wire for a fence?

Cost of wire @ Rs 6,000/bundle of 365 m = 10,388/ 365 x 6,000 = Rs 1, 70,762. Cost of 527 poles @ Rs 500 each = Rs 527 x 500 = Rs 2, 63,500. Cost of digging the pit @ Rs 200 per m3 = Rs 21.08 x 200 = Rs 4,216. = 21.08 x 600 = Rs 12,648.

How long is 50 kg barbed wire?

Barbed Wire 50kg/roll Length 800m.

How long is 1kg barbed wire?

Product Description

Wire Thickness( 2 Strand wires) : 2.5mm(12SWG)
Barb Spacing : 3 to 5inches
Length Per KG : 6 Meter /20 Feet
Approx Bundle Weight : 25 to 30 KG
Length per bundle : Approx 168 Mtr / 550 Feet

How many rolls of barbed wire can fence 1 acre?

3 rolls
How many rolls of SHAMBA barbed wire do I need to fence one acre? 3 rolls. What is galvanizing? This is the process of coating steel with a layer of zinc to protect it from rusting.

How big is a barbed wire?

Barbed wire for agriculture use is typically double-strand 121⁄2-gauge, zinc-coated (galvanized) steel and comes in rolls of 400 m (1,320 ft) length.

Which barbed wire is best?

Low carbon or high tensile wire are both good options for barbed wire, but either type should have a zinc coating to protect the steel from rust and early corrosion.

How long is 20kg barbed wire?

The Devki Barbed Wire 120m (12.5G x 20kg) is a galvanized iron wire, steel wire and stainless steel wire with strong anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation, widely used in factory, private villas, residential buildings, counterpart, military machine, low walls and other places of security, protection as wall spike fencing.

What is the length of a 25 kg barbed wire?

Tata Barbed Wire, Barbed Wire for Fencing Approx Length 300 Meters, Weight 25 kgs (Kanta Tar)

How long is 30kg barbed wire?

Barbed Wire 30kg/roll Length 540m.

What is the perimeter of 10 square acres?

One acre is 43,560 square feet so 10 acres is 435,600 square feet. Hence the side length of a 10 acre square is √435,600 = 660 feet.

How much fencing do you need for 1 acre?

If we assume that your property is equal on 4 sides, then it is as simple as taking the square root of 43,560 square feet. This gives you 209 feet on each side, which would require 835 linear feet of fence to enclose the entire acre property (209 feet times four sides is equal to 835 linear feet).

How many rolls of barbed wire do I need for 40 acres?

If you’re purchasing barbed wire, one roll is equal to 1,320 feet of fence, or 1/4 of a mile. Therefore, for a 40-acre square area that requires 1/4 mile of fencing on each side, you will need one mile of fencing, or four rolls of barbed wire per line. However, if you’ve selected field fence,…

What is the length of an 80 rod barbed wire?

Here is the introduction about the barbed wire specification description: “80 rod ” is the length of each reel. The barbed wire will be 402.32m long.

What is the diameter of a single strand of barbed wire?

Barbed wire size: Type: single strand. Finished: hot dipped galvanized. Wire diameter: 1.8 mm. Length: 515mtr which is 13.6kgs per roll.

What kind of wire do you use for barbed wire fences?

The utility wire features 2 points on each barb. This barbed wire for fences features a galvanized class 1 steel construction that endures the weather. Includes 80 rod rolls on noncollapsible reels. The quantity requested exceeds available inventory. Items Shipped to Store may incur freight charge.