How long is Tuesdays Morrie?

How long is Tuesdays Morrie?

Tuesdays with Morrie

First edition
Author Mitch Albom
Publication date 1997
Media type Print Hardcover, Paperback
Pages 192

How many pages is in Tuesdays with Morrie?

Tuesdays with Morrie/Page count

Is Tuesdays with Morrie a short story?

This is a novel by Mitch Albom about a professor named Morrie Schwartz, who was his favorite in college. The novel begins with Mitch saying his goodbyes to Morrie and even gives him a briefcase that had his initials.

What is the main message of Tuesdays with Morrie?

In the book “Tuesdays with Morrie”, Morrie taught the author the practice of forgiveness. Not only to others but as well as to himself. We may regret the things we did in the past, but not everything is within our control. Not letting go about it won’t change anything, but a better outlook for the future might.

How many languages has Tuesdays with Morrie been published in?

45 languages
The book, published in 45 languages, is now a staple in classrooms, universities, and homes (and pop culture).

What type of book is Tuesday with Morrie?

BiographyMemoirPhilosophical fictionBiographical Fiction
Tuesdays with Morrie/Genres

Why should I read Tuesdays with Morrie?

Tuesdays with Morrie reminds us to slow down and appreciate each other. Morrie cautions that at the end of our lives, we will miss our relationships with people the most. They will matter much more than the things that seem so important to us. People are always worthy of our time and energy.

How long did Morrie Schwartz have ALS before he died?

Less than two years passed from the time Morrie was diagnosed with the incurable ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease, until he died in November 1995.

What is the conclusion of Tuesdays with Morrie?

In this conclusion Albom emphasizes the theme of teaching and learning. Morrie has taught him many things, including how to express love for his brother, which may be why Peter reunited with him. By making himself vulnerable, Albom made his brother less afraid of being vulnerable himself.

Why should I read Tuesdays With Morrie?

What newspaper did Mitch write for?

Mitch Albom
Notable works Tuesdays with Morrie The Five People You Meet in Heaven Have a Little Faith For One More Day Finding Chika Columnist for the Detroit Free Press
Spouse Janine Sabino ​ ( m. 1995)​

Did Mitch Albom win any awards?

Albom serves on the boards of various charities and, in 1999, was named National Hospice Organization’s Man of the Year. In 2010, Albom was named the recipient of the Red Smith Award for lifetime achievement by the Associated Press Sports Editors.