How is Cu2S made?

How is Cu2S made?

Cu2S can be prepared by heating copper strongly in sulfur vapour or H2S. The reaction of copper powder in molten sulfur rapidly produces Cu2S, whereas pellets of copper require much higher temperature. Cu2S reacts with oxygen to form SO2: 2 Cu2S + 3 O2 → 2 Cu2O + 2 SO.

How is Covellite formed?

Covelite is commonly found as secondary copper mineral in deposits, more rarely as a primary mineral in copper deposits, and very rare as volcanic sublimate. Covellite is known to form in weathering environments near the surface in deposits where copper is the primary sulfide.

How do you extract Cu CuS?

Copper is found as Cu2S in nature can be obtained from its ore by just heating in air. The copper is formed of by the reduction of Cu2O and Cu2S in the process of extraction of copper from its sulfide ore. This reaction gives 98% copper by auto reduction.

What is the chemical formula of copper I sulfide?

Copper(I) sulfide/Formula

What is the percent composition of Cu2S?

80% Cu, 20% S.

What is the compound for Cu2S?

What is Covellite made up of?

copper sulfide mineral
Covellite (also known as covelline) is a rare copper sulfide mineral with the formula CuS. This indigo blue mineral is commonly a secondary mineral in limited abundance and although it is not an important ore of copper itself, it is well known to mineral collectors.

Is Covellite rare or common?

Covellite is copper sulfide (CuS) and it is, in fact, quite rare. In the mines of Montana, it was the secondary, low-value deposit to more-desired copper ores like enargite and bornite.

How is the sulphide ore concentrated?

Sulphide ores are concentrated by froth flotation process because pine oil selectively wets the sulphide ore and hence brings it to the froth.

Why is extraction of pure copper expensive?

Copper is found in the Earth’s crust as an ore containing copper sulfide. Large areas of land, Copper would be too expensive to extract from this contaminated land using the traditional method of quarrying and then heating in a furnace.

What is the mass of Cu2S?

159.16 g/mol
Copper(I) sulfide/Molar mass

Is Cu2S ionic or covalent?

Hence, Cu2S C u 2 S have an ionic bond.