How does the climate change as you hike up Mount Kilimanjaro?

How does the climate change as you hike up Mount Kilimanjaro?

At the base of Mount Kilimanjaro where the the climb starts, the average temperature is around 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (21 to 27 degrees Celsius). From the base when you ascent, the temperatures will decrease as you go through mountain’s 5 ecological zones.

What is the climate on Mount Kilimanjaro?

The Mount Kilimanjaro climate is generally cool and temperate. As hikers climb from the base of the mountain to the peak, they will see a large amount of climate variety. Mount Kilimanjaro is home to 5 unique climate zones – all of which hikers pass through on their climb up to the summit, Uhuru Peak!

How is climate change affecting Mount Kilimanjaro?

The snow atop Mount Kilimanjaro, immortalised in literature and film, could vanish in the next two decades due to climate change, according to a report released October 19, 2021. Mt Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, lies on the Equator. Its summit is, however, snowbound throughout the year.

How has Mt Kilimanjaro changed over the last 10 years?

Kili’s famous glaciers have shrunk by a whopping 82% since the first survey of the summit in 1912. Even since 1989, when there were 3.3 square kilometres, there has been a decline of 33%. At that rate, say the experts, Kili will be completely ice-free within the next decade or two.

How many climate zones are on Kilimanjaro?

5 distinct climate
Mount Kilimanjaro has 5 distinct climate zones that trekkers will journey through on their way to the summit and each has its own features, flora and fauna. This also means you have to pack to be prepared for all weathers and temperatures!

How long is the hike up Mount Kilimanjaro?

It takes at least five days to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. However, a minimum of six days, and ideally seven or eight, offers a far better chance of reaching the top. For those with longer to spare, there are several more gradual and scenic ascent routes that can be done over 10 or more days.