How do you write an academic honesty statement?

How do you write an academic honesty statement?

Statement of Academic Honesty: For this exam, I make the following truthful statements: I have not received, I have not given, nor will I give or receive, any assistance to another student taking this exam, including discussing the exam with students in another section of the course.

What do you do if you are charged with academic dishonesty?

5 Tips for Students Accused of Online Academic Misconduct

  1. Do not respond to the charges without consulting a lawyer.
  2. Hire a student defense lawyer.
  3. Take a look at your school’s Code of Conduct.
  4. Document the alleged incident of academic dishonesty.
  5. Keep your case to yourself.

What other ways can you show your academic honesty?


  • Submitting someone else’s work as their own.
  • Taking passages from their own previous work without adding citations.
  • Rewriting someone’s work without properly citing sources.
  • Using quotations, but not citing the source.
  • Interweaving various sources together in the work without citing.

How does Academic Integrity help students?

Academic integrity is fundamental to learning, teaching and research at the University. Academic integrity allows students and staff the freedom to build new ideas, knowledge and creative works while respecting and acknowledging the work of others.

How do you get out of getting caught cheating on a test?

From my experience, the best thing you can do is the following:

  1. Apologize. Make it clear that you understand how and why cheating is wrong.
  2. Do not under any circumstances give excuses for your cheating or blame others for it – as you do in this question. You chose to cheat, no one put a gun to your head.

How do you argue against academic misconduct?

Our top tips for what to do when you receive an allegation of plagiarism or academic dishonesty.

  1. Get advice from us early.
  2. Keep all of your paperwork.
  3. Request key documents.
  4. Cooperate, but do not volunteer too much information.
  5. Respect the process.
  6. Remember, you can appeal.
  7. If you are a higher degree by research (HDR) student.

What are 3 things you can do to show Academic Integrity?

What is academic integrity?

  1. using information appropriately, according to copyright and privacy laws.
  2. acknowledging where the information you use comes from.
  3. not presenting other people’s work as your own.
  4. conducting research ethically, in line with the University’s regulations.
  5. reporting truthfully on your research.

What are five 5 positive effects of having Academic Integrity?

According to the Center of Academic Integrity, academic integrity is defined as a commitment to five fundamental values: honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility and courage.

What are 2 examples of violations of the student code of academic integrity?

» Academic Integrity Violations

  • Cheating: Using or attempting to use unauthorized assistance, information or study aids in any academic exercise.
  • Fabrication: The falsification or invention of any information or citation in an academic exercise.

What is cheating on an exam?

Cheating includes, but is not limited to: lying; copying from another’s test or examination; discussion at any time of questions or answers on an examination or test, unless such discussion is specifically authorized by the instructor; taking or receiving copies of an exam without the permission of the instructor; …

How can you improve your academic integrity?

Strategies for Promoting Academic Integrity

  1. Create a supportive learning environment.
  2. Clarify expectations and establish shared values.
  3. Design assessments to maximize learning and minimize pressure.