How do you use downward spiral in a sentence?

How do you use downward spiral in a sentence?

Downward-spiral sentence example They were doomed to the downward spiral into oblivion as surely as the unreformed alcoholic. The moment meaningful communication collapses, marriages enter a downward spiral from which it’s difficult to recover. The steady downward spiral of snowflakes was mesmerizing, peaceful.

What is another word for downward spiral?

What is another word for downward spiral?

downturn fall
drop plunge
slump decline
depression descent
slide deterioration

How do you get out of the downward spiral?

If so, here are nine of my learnings on how to reverse, or even prevent, the downward spiral:

  1. Be aware.
  2. Start an open conversation.
  3. Take a step back to get perspective.
  4. Don’t seclude yourself.
  5. Look to the future.
  6. Explore the root of the problem.
  7. Manage expectations.
  8. Be present.

What does it mean when someone goes into a spiral?

a situation in which prices, levels, rates, etc. go down, or in which a situation gets worse and is difficult to control because one bad event causes another: a spiral of sth The world’s two biggest economies are caught in a spiral of borrowing.

What is a spiral in psychology?

Psychologists use the spiral as a tool to demonstrate the possibility of change and moving beyond the current situation. Where we are is just the starting point of where we are going. And as we move along the spiral path of our lives, we see there exists an opportunity for renewal and new beginnings.

Is the downward spiral a concept album?

It is a concept album detailing the destruction of a man from the beginning of his “downward spiral” to his death by suicide. The album was influenced by late-1970s rock music albums such as David Bowie’s Low and Pink Floyd’s The Wall in particular, and focused on texture and space.

What is the opposite of a downward spiral?

▲ Opposite of a series of thoughts or actions which feeds back into itself, causing a situation to become progressively worse. rebound. upward spiral.

What does down turn mean?

: a downward turn especially toward a decline in business and economic activity.

How can you tell if someone is spiraling?

Signs a Partner May Be Spiraling

  1. Altered sleep patterns. From sleeping too much to hardly sleeping at all, dramatic changes in your partner’s sleep patterns can often be a symptom of depression.
  2. Irritability.
  3. Loss of interest.
  4. Social withdrawal.
  5. Loss of sexual desire.
  6. Listen.
  7. Educate yourself.
  8. Seek support.

How do you know if someone is spiraling out of control?

Here are my five telltale signs that anxiety is about to take over.

  1. Obsession, or an endless thought loop that leaves you exhausted.
  2. Avoidance, or ignoring what you need.
  3. Overplanning, or trying to control the uncontrollable.
  4. Restlessness, or not being able to sleep.
  5. Traces of deteriorating physical health.

What is the spiritual meaning of a spiral?

Spiritually the spiral represents a connectivity with the divine, spiraling from the outer ego (the outside world) into the inner soul (cosmic awareness and enlightenment). The spiral represents evolution and growth of the spirit. It is a symbol of change and development.

What is emotional spiral?

A downward spiral is defined as a situation with a series of negative thoughts, emotions, and actions that continuously feeds back into itself, causing the situation to become progressively worse.

What does the term downward spiral mean?

Acronyms that contain the term downward spiral. A series of thoughts or actions which feeds back into itself, causing a situation to become progressively worse. It is worse than a vicious circle, which is self-sustaining in its current state.

What do they mean by downward demand spiral?

What is a Downward Demand Spiral? A downward demand spiral occurs when a business eliminates products without sufficiently reducing the overhead costs associated with them. When this happens, overhead is allocated across the fewer remaining products, which increases their cost per unit.

What is the definition of spiral?

The definition of a spiral is a curve or winding shape that winds around a central point, or a continuous decrease or increase.