How do you take the door panel off a 2003 Nissan Murano?

How do you take the door panel off a 2003 Nissan Murano?

  1. Remove cap of inside handle portion and remove screws.
  2. Remove inside handle escutcheon.
  3. Remove screw of grip portion.
  4. Remove pull handle cap and remove screw.
  5. Remove power window switch and disconnect harness connector of power window switch.
  6. Remove screws of power window switch side portion.

How do I remove a door panel cover?

Look for a small, triangular cover piece at the top edge of the door panel, where the window connects to it. Wedge your fingers into the edge of the cover piece and gently pull against it to remove it. If you can’t get the cover off with your hands, wedge a screwdriver into the edge of it and pry it off.

Can you remove door panel with door closed?

It will take you some time but they will all come off with the door closed. Then just pull up on the door panel and voila! You will scratch the heck out of the screws but a quick trip to the Picky Pull with the proper Torx screwdriver (it’s really little!) and you will have a pocket full of replacements.

How do you remove panels?

If it’s nailed to studs:

  1. Pry away the panel using your hammer and pry bar.
  2. Pull out nails using pliers as they come loose.
  3. After removing every nail, pull away the paneling.
  4. Stack your panels in a pile or dispose of them responsibly.
  5. Continue until you’ve removed every panel.
  6. Use drywall putty to patch nail holes.

How do I remove the door panel from the door?

Start by removing the window and power lock control panel. Pry it off with a screwdriver and then unplug the wires from it. Use a screwdriver to remove any screws holding the panel to the door. Grab the panel with both hands and pull it straight out to remove it. Thanks!

What kind of maintenance does a Nissan Murano have?

This automotive maintenance tutorial was specifically written to assist owners of the second generation (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014) Nissan Murano SUV in removing the plastic interior door panels in order to upgrade the OEM speakers, add soundproofing material, fix a faulty electrical switch or replace a broken power window motor.

How do you remove interior paneling from a car?

Then take off the rest of the trim pieces that may be concealing the panel’s fastening screws and use a screwdriver to take out all of the screws holding the panel in place. Take a firm hold of the panel, and pull it straight off.

How do you replace a door switch on a Toyota Corolla?

Push the large white plastic electrical connector straight in to its socket on the underside of the switch panel. Re-insert the hook at the front edge of the switch panel in to opening on the door panel. Gently push down the rear edge of the switch panel to secure it in place.