How do you repost a post on Facebook?

How do you repost a post on Facebook?

Once you’re happy with your sharing options, you can repost the post by clicking the Share button. The post will appear in the timeline or message that you designated. Depending on the privacy settings of the original post, you may not be able to share it with everyone.

How do you repost a status?

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open Instagram and find a photo or video to repost. Open your Instagram app and find the post you want to repost.
  2. Paste the post’s share URL into DownloadGram.
  3. Download the post.
  4. Open Instagram and find the photo or video in your camera roll.
  5. Add a caption and share your repost.

How do you copy a Facebook post and repost?

Highlight the text of the post you want to share. Right-click the highlighted area and select “Copy.” In your own post window, right-click and select “Paste.” Alternately, copy highlighted text by pressing “Ctrl-C” and paste it using “Ctrl-V.”

Is it better to share or repost on Facebook?

When users call for people to “copy and paste” but not share, it is to ensure privacy settings are not preventing a message from being spread. If the goal is to get a piece of information to reach the largest potential audience, then copy and paste is the safest best.

How do I repost an item on my Facebook page?

Choose where you want to repost the item. When you click the Share link a new window will appear. Use the drop-down menu at the top of the new window to choose where you want to repost the item. You can choose to share to your own timeline, a friend’s timeline, in one of your groups, or in a private message.

How do I Make my reposts private on Facebook?

Choose your privacy options. You can use the drop-down menu at the bottom of the window to choose which of your friends can see your repost. You can choose it to be Public, visible to only your friends, visible only to you, or you can choose from your lists. Share the post.

How do I repost a post that someone else posted?

If you want to repost something that someone else posted and keep all of the Likes and comments, you’ll need to reply to the original post with a new comment. Click the Share link. This is located underneath the post but above the Likes and comments. Choose where you want to repost the item.

How do I repost a post or picture on Instagram?

Make a comment on the post or picture you want to “repost”. This will send it to the top of your feed, which will show up on your friends’ feeds. You can do this for old posts that you want to bring back to the top, or with posts that your friends might not normally see.