How do you find an absolute value function?

How do you find an absolute value function?

More generally, the form of the equation for an absolute value function is y=a| x−h |+k.

How do you do absolute value on a TI 84?

To evaluate the absolute value of a number or expression, press the math key arrow over to NUM and select 1: abs (. This will place a template on the home screen. An alternative method of evaluating absolute value is to use the function key. Press alpha then the f2 (window key), and select option 1: abs(.

How do you find the zeros of an absolute value function?

** watch for | x – a | = – b since an absolute value cannot be negative, there’s no solution! FINDING ZEROS : To find the 1, 2 or no zeros, we solve f (x) = 0 just as we would any absolute value equation.

How do you find the absolute value on a TI 89?

Handling Absolute Value on the TI-89 Entering |x|: The absolute value function, |x|, is written as “abs(x)” on the TI-89. You can type the function name from the keyboard, or enter it from the CATALOG or the Math menu as shown below: To select “abs(” from the catalog, first press .

How to use the TI-89 Titanium graphing calculator?

Graphing Calculator Instructions for the TI-89 Titanium Getting around the calculator Home Screen Press HOME to do calculations Decimal Answers The TI-89 does symbolic operations so it will simplify fractions and radicals. It keeps answers in exact form. If you want a decimal answer, press Green Diamond (♦), ENTER to select ≈

How do you use the absolute value function on a calculator?

To use the Absolute Value function on your calculator, use the following steps: Once you hit enter on abs ( , as seen in figure one, you can use the absolute value function on your calculator to solve the next two examples. Example 01: Use your graphing calculator to find | -8 | =?

What is the difference between the TI-92 and TI-89 and Voyage 200?

The TI-89, TI-92, and Voyage 200 calculators have similar functions, but in the case of the TI-92 and Voyage 200, different ways of accessing them. The following list shows how to access some basic functions on the TI-92 and Voyage 200.