How do you become royalty on Stardoll?

How do you become royalty on Stardoll?

Royalty is the most exclusive status on Stardoll. Royalty members have a diamond by their nickname and a platinum frame around their doll’s profile image. Royalties also get exclusive shopping and access to the Royalty store. You can become Royalty by buying 365 Superstar days.

Can you cancel superstar on Stardoll?

To cancel a monthly payment please click here and click the “Cancel monthly refill” link in the “You are a Superstar” box.

What can you do with superstar Stardoll?

– Exclusive shopping and access to limited collections. – Special Superstar offers & sales. – Exclusive features in the Beauty Parlor. – More rooms….You can also:

  • – Sell in Starbazaar.
  • – Create chat rooms & organize private parties.
  • – Earn more Starpoints & level up quicker!

How do you get unlimited money on Stardoll?

5 Tips To Earn Starcoins

  1. Sign into Stardoll and claim your daily gift. You’ll normally recieve a few Starcoins, Starpoints, or Stardollars.
  2. Sign into the Stardoll – Fame Fashion & Friends app daily.
  3. Go to “My Account” then click on the “Earn Starcoins” area.
  4. Complete your daily challenges.
  5. Participate in The Vote.

How do you become a superstar on Stardoll?

To become Superstar, click “Become Superstar” at the top of the page. On the payment page, you can buy or prolong Superstar membership or top up on Stardollars.

How much is Stardoll?

The regular Stardoll membership is free, and most of the games and features are also free. You can earn Starcoins for free by doing lots of fun activities on Stardoll.

What is a superstar on Stardoll?

Superstar = more of everything! You get the star icon next to your profile, special gifts and Stardollar bonuses, exclusive Beauty Parlor features and much more! More goodies.

Can you make money on Stardoll?

These competitions range from small prizes such as 5 Stardollars, up to around 100 Stardollars! Surveys: Complete surveys on the Stardoll page to earn Stardollars. By just completing a few surveys, you can make good money! Just go to, “Get More Stardollars!”

How do you get free stardollars on 2020 Stardoll?

Every time a friend you’ve invited joins Stardoll and confirms an email address, you’ll get free Starpoints. Even better, if you invite a friend to join and he or she signs up and pays for a Superstar account, you’ll get an quick 50 Stardollars.

How do you level up fast on Stardoll?

You can level up by earning Starpoints! Also known as “SP”, these can be earned by unlocking Achievements or completing Daily Challenges. Check the crown next to your profile picture in the page header to track your progress as you collect Starpoints.