How do I change the ink on my Canon p170 DH?

How do I change the ink on my Canon p170 DH?

It will have the words “pull up” on the left side of it. Pull up the ink cartridge and remove from the bar that it slides on. Then all you need to do is pop the new cartridge on the wire where you removed the old one.

How do you feed paper into a calculator?

Look for a slot at the back of the calculator where the paper will fit through. Pass the end of the paper through the rear slot and then into the internal feed slot. Hold down the [FEED] key. Then put the arm back to attach the roller and replace the top cover if required.

How do you load adding machine paper?

  1. Lift up the paper roll cover to open it.
  2. Insert the paper roll into the holder with the paper feeding from the bottom and facing toward the credit card machine.
  3. Pull the end of the paper over the printer part of the machine.
  4. Close the paper cover while holding the end of the paper roll.
  5. Tear off the excess paper.

How do you change the ink on a Canon calculator?


  1. Remove the printer cover. ( Figure 5)
  2. Hold the left side of the ink roller indicated as “pull up” and lift the ink roller up to remove it. (Figure 6) •
  3. Insert a new ink roller into position. ( Figure 7)
  4. Replace the printer cover. ( Figure 8)

How do you change the paper on a Sharp calculator?

  1. Cut the leading edge of the new roll of paper to give it a straight edge.
  2. Slide the power switch to the left to the “Off” position to turn off the calculator.
  3. Hold the new roll of paper so that it unrolls from the bottom.
  4. Insert the edge of the paper roll into the opening at the top of the calculator.

How do you print on a Canon p23 DH V?

To perform a subtraction (for example 9-3=6), follow these steps:

  1. Press 9.
  2. Press the + sign (for a positive entry).
  3. Press 3.
  4. Press the – sign (for the negative entry and result).
  5. Press the * key (for the printing result/total).

How do I refill my Canon p23 DH?