How do I beat drayden?

How do I beat drayden?

Against his Druddigon, I recommend using Skarmory or Genesect (if you have it). Against his Flygon, I recommend using Skarmory. Against his Haxorus, I recommend using Cobalion if you have it, or otherwise, Lucario, Probopass, Pawniard, or Aron/Lairon/Aggron.

What do I do after beating drayden?

After Defeating Drayden. Outside, Drayden will come out of the gym and ask you to follow him. Go to Drayden’s house, to the left of the pokémon center. You can heal up in the pokémon center before you visit Drayden.

How old is drayden?


Drayden シャガ Shaga
Age: 50+
Hometown: Opelucid City
Region: Unova
Badge: Legend Badge

How do you beat the Dragon Gym in Pokemon Black 2?

The Dragon type is only weak against Dragon and Ice type attacks. Don’t try using Fire, Water, Grass, or Electric type attacks unless the Pokemon is strong enough or at a high enough level to put a dent in the Dragon Pokemon.

Where do you find Drayden in Pokemon Black?

Drayden is the eighth and final Gym Leader in the Pokémon Black version only. His gym is in Opelucid City in the Unova region. Drayden specializes in Dragon -type Pokémon. He will award the player character the Legend Badge if the player character defeats him.

What does Drayden give you when you defeat him?

After you defeat Drayden, you receive the Legend Badge, which allows you to control traded pokémon of level 80 or lower. Drayden also gives you TM82 Dragon Tail. Then Drayden asks you to wait outside so he can come down and tell you about the legendary Dragon that created Unova.

How do I get to Drayden in the triple battle?

If you go to the right, Veteran Ron will challenge you to a triple battle with a level 44 Fraxure, level 44 Druddigon, and level 44 Axew (use Magnemite/Magneton/Magnezone on Axew). You only have to defeat one of them to go up to Drayden.

How do you get to Drayden in Opelucid gym?

Opelucid Gym: Drayden 1 Go through the Gym. Near the entrance, Clyde will give you a Fresh Water and give you some advice: use Ice and Dragon moves against Dragon-type pokémon. 2 Drayden. Drayden has a level 46 Druddigon, a level 46 Flygon, and a level 48 Haxorus. 3 Depart.