How can you tell the difference between love and obsession?

How can you tell the difference between love and obsession?

Love is a feeling that is uncontrollable, and a feeling which one has for another person. Love always means caring, supportive and giving. On the other hand, obsession is only a crazy idea where a person cannot think in an affectionate manner. Whereas, an obsessed person gives more importance to his or her needs.

What does obsessive love look like?

Making repeated calls, texts, and/or faxes to the love object. Unwanted intensive attention to the love object. A tendency to have extremely good or bad (not balanced) feelings about someone. A tendency to focus on only the positive or the negative aspects of their loved one.

What does obsession turn into?

Obsessions can paralyze us. Other times, they can lead to compulsive behavior such as repeatedly checking our email, our weight or whether the doors are locked. We lose touch with ourselves, our feelings and our ability to reason and solve problems.

What is the difference between obsession and obsessed?

Senior Member. Hello, As far as I know, neither the obsessive nor the obsessed have necessarily MORE obsessions. Someone may be obsessive about one particular thing, or a person may be obsessive about almost everything.

Do I love him or am I just obsessed?

If someone is in love with you, they trust you. They want you to be the best version of yourself and only want good things for you. That includes giving you space when you need it. On the other hand, someone who is obsessed with you will be jealous and possessive.

Are obsessions unhealthy?

Obsessive love may be a sign of a serious mental health condition, and if it goes untreated, it can destroy friendships and relationships. It could also lead to other serious mental health concerns.

What is Ocdc?

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a disorder in which people have recurring, unwanted thoughts, ideas or sensations (obsessions) that make them feel driven to do something repetitively (compulsions).

Is Obsession a mental illness?

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is a mental illness. It’s made up of two parts: obsessions and compulsions. People may experience obsessions, compulsions, or both, and they cause a lot of distress. Obsessions are unwanted and repetitive thoughts, urges, or images that don’t go away.

What is the difference between love and obsession?

At times, love is equated with obsession and vice-versa. Obsession is not something that one feels once in a while but is a persistent feeling within for someone or something nowadays. Your world revolves around that one person only who you feel is your ‘knight-in-shining armour’ or your ‘lady with the glass shoes’.

What is it like to be obsessed with something?

At first, like all addictions, obsession is intoxicating. It fills us up, and what a relief that feeling is (especially if we felt empty before). But even if we didn’t feel empty, obsession makes us feel potent, capable, and purposeful. But also like all addictions, with time obsession unbalances us.

What happens to the person who loves obsessively?

The person who loves obsessively may behave as if addicted to their love object. In turn, the object of obsessive love may have difficulty setting clear limits and boundaries on the obsessive behaviors.

Is your obsession with your partner a sign of Love?

In a healthy dynamic, both you and your partner will be secure enough to do your own thing and come back together with no problem at all. It’s so easy to confuse obsession for love because according to Sassoon, obsession mirrors love. But again, obsession comes from a place of anxiety and fear.