Does anyone take donated trophies?

Does anyone take donated trophies?

Well-known charities like the Salvation Army and Goodwill may take your gently used trophies, but call your local branch first because not all of them have the same rules. Some nonprofits or schools also may be interested old trophies to reuse for their own activities (for instance at a sports day for kids.)

Does goodwill take old trophies?

If you only have a few trophies to recycle, you can bring them to a local thrift store (Goodwill takes trophies) or surplus store (some surplus stores actually pay you for old trophies).

Does anyone buy old trophies?

The answer to this question is a straight Yes. For many years, many people have sold the things that they do not need to get cash. Many people have even sold more precious things that you can imagine all to get cash. So, if you are already considering selling your old trophies, you don’t have to feel bad a bit.

Does Special Olympics repurpose old trophies?

Special Olympics athletes receive new, specially designed medals or ribbons as competition awards. We do not accept donated trophies.

What do you do with old award ribbons?

Medals from sports and academics (as distinguished from trophies and plaques, which are not accepted) can be donated to Sports Medal Recycling where they will be recycled, with the proceeds going to charitable causes.

What does goodwill do with trophies?

Many larger chain thrift stores, such as Goodwill or Value Village, accept donations of gently used awards in good condition. They clean and sell the old trophies to their customers.

Can you resell old trophies?

You can give them to goodwill or the Salvation Army, as they sell them in Thrift Shops (for next to nothing). Sometimes schools and clubs take them, change out the tops, and give them for activities in their organizations.

Is the Special Olympics a good charity to donate to?

Exceptional. This charity’s score is 93.85, earning it a 4-Star rating. Donors can “Give with Confidence” to this charity.

How do I get off the Special Olympics mailing list?

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