Do you have to book to go to BeWILDerwood?

Do you have to book to go to BeWILDerwood?

So everyone who comes to play, including the grown-ups, needs a ticket.

Do you have to pay for Wildwood?

To join as a Wildwood member, simply ask in the Shop when you arrive at the park. Once you have completed a membership standing order form (bank details will be required) your first entry is completely free! Family membership is for a maximum of 2 named adults and up to 6 children.

When did BeWILDerwood open?

May 2007
BeWILDerwood Norfolk/Opened

Can dogs go to BeWILDerwood?

Are dogs allowed in BeWILDerwood? Sorry, no dogs (except assistance dogs) – Twiggles are scared of them! However, we get a lot of enquiries from holiday makers who bring their dogs on holiday, so we suggest having a chat to a local kennel so your pooch can have some pampering.

Is BeWILDerwood worth the money?

With this in mind, Yes Bewilderwood is worth the cost. There are no hidden extras, you can take a picnic and drinks and you can spend the whole day there. Of course it is a treat.

Is BeWILDerwood good for adults?

Absolutely! You can enjoy walks, adventure trails, food at the cafe, and take the boat ride. Shop at the gallery as well.

Does Wildwood do student discount?

Terms & conditions: 40% off food with a valid student card, when you display this digital voucher to a member of our team. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion, discount or offer.

Can you smoke at Wildwood?

You can no longer have a smoke or vape on Wildwood Crest beaches. This summer, the Jersey Shore resort town is eliminating designated smoking areas. The ban officially begins on June 7. Wildwood Crest is also banning pot sales anywhere in town.

What age is BeWILDerwood Cheshire for?

What age is BeWILDerwood suitable for? The ideal age range for children is 2 – 12 years old, however BeWILDerwood is a family adventure park, which means parents, grandparents, teachers and group leaders can all enjoy the play equipment just as much as the children.

How many BeWILDerwood books are there?

“There are now five or six books, although only four have been published.

Is there a weight limit at BeWILDerwood?

These are posted at the activities within the park and are as follows: o Minimum height for the Wobbly Wires: 105cm (3’5″). o Maximum weight for the Wobbly Wires: 101kg (16 stone). o Minimum height for the Slippery Slopes & Broken Bridge: 92cm (3′).

Can you take food into BeWILDerwood?

Of course, you are welcome to bring your own food as well as buying from us when you are here and there are lots of places to sit and picnic around the park. Instant coffee is available throughout the year and this is less expensive than a filter coffee.