Will I go to jail for simple battery?

Will I go to jail for simple battery?

Simple battery is a misdemeanor. In most cases of simple battery, the maximum penalty for a conviction is six months in county jail and a fine of $2,000. Of those who are convicted of simple battery, many are able to opt for misdemeanor probation, also known as informal probation, instead of jail time.

Is simple battery considered a violent crime?

Battery is a “wobbler” and may be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the existence and extent of any injuries to the alleged victim. Felony battery is considered a “violent felony” and may be charged as a “strike” under California’s three strikes law.

What is the punishment for simple battery in Georgia?

Penalty for Simple Battery in Georgia. The penalty if found guilty of simple battery is a misdemeanor. The consequences may include confinement of up to one year and a fine up to $1000. However, there are certain situations in which the conviction will be escalated to a misdemeanor of a high or aggravated nature.

How long do you go to jail for simple battery?

PC 242 Battery, also called simple battery, is classified as a misdemeanor. If found guilty of PC 242, the defendant may serve up to 180 days in the county jail. PC 243(d) also called aggravated battery, may be charged as a misdemeanor or as a felony.

What qualifies as simple battery?

Simple battery occurs when a person unlawfully touches another person with force or violence. The touching that occurs and is considered “simple battery,” does not have to actually cause any harm or injury.

How serious is a simple battery charge?

A simple battery charge is codified under California Penal Code 242 PC, where it is categorized as a serious misdemeanor. If a conviction is reached, a defendant could face both significant fines, jail time and restrictions on owning firearms.

How long do you stay in jail for battery?

Penalties for a Battery Charge The penalties for battery range from misdemeanor charges with less than 30 days in jail to substantial prison terms that include life in prison. States usually describe the possible range of sentences in their laws.

What happens if you’re charged with battery?

The Punishment California Penal Code Section 243(a) makes misdemeanor battery punishable by a fine of up to $2,000, by imprisonment in a county jail for up to six months, or by both. If it is charged as a felony, the defendant can be sentenced to state prison for 16 months, two years, or three years.

What is the difference between simple battery and battery?

In general, simple battery is defined as unauthorized or unlawful use of force to the body of another person, which results in an offensive touching or some other physical injury. Battery often occurs in the context of physical altercations but it can extend to several other instances.

What happens if you get charged with simple battery?

Simple battery can sometimes lead to more serious criminal consequences, especially if it’s a second or third offense. If you need assistance with simple battery charges, you should speak with a criminal defense attorney right away.

What do you need to know about battery charges in Florida?

What You Need to Know About Battery Charges in Florida 1 Simple Battery Charges Under Florida Law. In Florida, battery is governed by Section 784.03 of the state’s statutes. 2 Penalties for Misdemeanor Battery. 3 Defending a Battery Charge. 4 Contact An Experienced Tampa Bay Criminal Defense Attorney.

What is a battery and how does it work?

A battery is a device that stores chemical energy and converts it to electrical energy. The chemical reactions in a battery involve the flow of electrons from one material (electrode) to another, through an external circuit.

Do I need a lawyer for simple battery charges?

If you need assistance with simple battery charges, you should speak with a criminal defense attorney right away. Your lawyer can help you with your case and can discuss the various laws associated with your charges.