Why is the polar bear popular riddle answer?

Why is the polar bear popular riddle answer?

Polar bears are white because the pressure at the poles is low, so they have to be able to absorb heat. Pressure makes you cry if it’s too much. Pressure in your bladder makes you have to pee. Celebrities usually crack under pressure.

What is the Colour of the bear riddle?

what is the color of bear? We would advise you to think yourself before reading the answer below. So g = 10m/s, this is the maximum value of gravity on earth and occurs at the POLES. So the colour of the bear is WHITE, since it is a POLAR BEAR.

What turns a polar bear’s hair white?

The hair of a polar bear looks white because the air spaces in each hair scatter light of all colors. The color white becomes visible to our eyes when an object reflects back all of the visible wavelengths of light, rather than absorbing some of the wavelengths.

Why is the bear white riddle?

Our best guess for the ‘real’ answer to this riddle, though, would be water. This is because a dirty polar bear would be cleaned and turned white by water, guys have to pee after drinking water and girls have to brush their hair to stop it going frizzy after getting it wet.

Why is the polar bear popular?

Polar bears are at the top of the food chain and have an important role in the overall health of the marine environment. Over thousands of years, polar bears have also been an important part of the cultures and economies of Arctic peoples.

What’s the bear saying?

Bears: If it’s black, fight back. If it’s brown, lay down. If it’s white, say goodnight.

What word is riddle in English?

Answer to There is a Word In The English Language in Which The First Two Letters. Riddle. The answer to this interesting There is a Word In The English Language in Which The First Two Letters. Riddle is Heroine.

Why is a polar bears fur transparent?

Believe it or not, their hair isn’t actually white! Their long outer hairs, which protect their soft, thick undercoat, are mostly hollow and transparent. The air spaces in the hairs scatter light of all colors. For that reason, we look at polar bears and see the color white.

How does the polar bear game work?

Five dice are rolled and based on that role: • You have to guess the number of polar bears • If you get that correct, then you have to guess the number of fish in the sea. If you get that correct, then you have to state the number of plankton • If you get that correct, then you win the game!

How many polar bears are on the ice hole?

“There are twelve polar bears round the ice-hole.” Both these seem pretty helpful. It seems even numbers don’t contribute at all, but that it’s the odd numbers – particularly the higher ones – which build the score.

What are 5 interesting facts about polar bears?

Top 10 facts about polar bears

  • Polar bears are classified as marine mammals.
  • Polar bears are actually black, not white.
  • They can swim constantly for days at a time.
  • Less than 2% of polar bear hunts are successful.
  • Scientists can extract polar bear DNA from just their footprints.
  • They face more threats than climate change.

What color is the bear Riddle?

The bear was white, since he was at the North Pole and the only types of bears at the North Pole are polar bears. black. because the bear is in the tent or behind the tent, and the man can’t see what color the bear has. only its shadow. Even if the man can’t see it, it doesn’t mean the bear color is black.

Are polar bears coldblooded?

Polar bears use a combination of fur and blubber to keep warm. Thick fur and thick fat keep these warm blooded mammals warm in up to -50 degree temps! That’s pretty cold. They actually have two types of fur. These bears have long and oily hollow hairs that help keep water away but also help trap in heat.

Is a polar bear nocturnal?

Bear are active during the night (nocturnal) or twilight. While the polar bear is mostly carnivorous and the giant panda feeds almost entirely on bamboo, the remaining six species are omnivorous, with varied diets. With the exceptions of courting individuals and mothers with their young, bears are typically solitary animals.