Why is Smiggle so successful?

Why is Smiggle so successful?

Smiggle proudly say that “with friendly staff, a fun environment and plenty of products to play with, we think that a visit to our stores is just like a hug from your best friend” – and they deliver this. Like all great brands, the success comes from encouraging us to happily part with our hard earned cash.

Why is Smiggle famous?

Smiggle is known for its innovative design and use of colour. It has been credited with filling a gap in the Australian stationery market for “fashion-forward, bold stationery”. Products from Smiggle come in various bright colours which are generally targeted at children and other young demographics.

Where and when did Smiggle first expand its business?

Our History & Our Future The brand was established in 2003 in Melbourne, Australia and swiftly opened 20 stores around the country. By 2007, Smiggle had joined the Just Group – owned by Premier Investments Limited, the ASX listed retail conglomerate.

What is Smiggles target market?

The Smiggle brand has a highly defined target market – their core target market are kids who are aged 9 to 12 years old nor tweens – but from experience, I know younger kids LOVE it too. Smiggle has consistent branding with strong core colours and clear messaging. Smiggle – where a smile meets a giggle.

Where did Smiggle originate?

Melbourne, Australia
Smiggle/Place founded
From backpacks to pencil cases, Smiggle is the original creator of all things colourful, fun, unique and on trend. The brand was established in 2003 in Melbourne, Australia and swiftly opened 20 stores around the country.

Does Smiggle have a slogan?

Smiggle is manufactured in reputable factories around the globe to bring you great stuff at affordable prices. Our Motto is: never boring, always fun, and there is something for everyone!

Who founded Smiggle?

Stephen Meurs
Peter Pausewang

Who owns Smiggle Australia?

Just Group
Smiggle/Parent organizations
Established in 2003 Smiggle comprised 20 retail stores when the brand was acquired by The Just Group in August 2007. Developed and designed in Australia “Smiggle” has gone global, with stores in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

Does smiggle have a slogan?

Is smiggle environmentally friendly?

Every year, we collect, reuse and recycle thousands of tonnes of old electrical and electronic equipment. We take all your old electricals to a recycling plant for processing and separate into individual materials, so they can be turned into new, more useful things.

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How long did it take to start Smiggle?

Evidently, Smiggle was far from an “overnight success story”, facing many challenges in the start-up phase of the business. In fact, Pausewang says it took two years to build the range and brand to meet the consumer demand and achieve the right formula.

How many Smiggle stores are there?

Born in 2003, in Melbourne, Smiggle has grown from their first store in South Yarra to more than 100 stores across Australia, 23 in New Zealand and 13 in Singapore. The Just Group acquired the company in 2007 and it is now the hero brand within their challenging portfolio.

What is the history of Smiggle in Singapore?

In September 2010, Smiggle was bestowed with the Australia Retailers Association’s Retailer of the Year at the annual Australian Retail Awards. In April 2011, Smiggle expanded into Singapore with its first shop opening in Plaza Singapura, closely followed by another outlet within Lot One.

What does Smiggle mean?

Smiggle is an Australian-based retail store chain that sells stationery and related accessories. It was founded in Melbourne by Stephen Meurs and Peter Pausewang in 2003 and acquired by the Just Group in July 2007.