Why is pelvimetry important?

Why is pelvimetry important?

Pelvimetry assesses the size of a woman’s pelvis aiming to predict whether she will be able to give birth vaginally or not. This can be done by clinical examination, or by conventional X‐rays, computerised tomography (CT) scanning, or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

What measurement is identified with the midpelvis?

Midpelvis: The midpelvis is the distance between the bony points of ischial spines, and it typically exceeds 12 cm. Pelvic outlet: The pelvic outlet is the distance between the ischial tuberosities and the pubic arch. It usually exceeds 10 cm.

Is Pelvimetry safe for baby?

Pelvimetry measures the diameters of the pelvis and the baby’s head. However, doing a pelvimetry also has implications: clinical examination might be very uncomfortable for the mother, X-ray and CT-scanning might be harmful for the baby and MRI is very expensive.

What is the interspinous diameter?

The interspinous diameter of the midpelvis was measured on the axial radiograph and this was defined as the distance between the ischial spines (Fig. 2).

What is a Pelvimetry in medical terms?

: measurement of the pelvis (as by a pelvimeter or by X-ray examination)

What is Radiological Pelvimetry?

Abstract. Background: X-ray pelvimetry is a radiological investigation that involves the measurement of different anthropometric dimensions of the pelvis. The pelvic inlet and outlet play important role in labour outcome.

Why Gynecoid pelvis is important?

The gynecoid pelvis is thought to be the most favorable pelvis type for a vaginal birth. This is because the wide, open shape give the baby plenty of room during delivery. Android. The narrower shape of the android pelvis can make labor difficult because the baby might move more slowly through the birth canal.

What is the meaning of Pelvimetry?

measurement of the pelvis
Medical Definition of pelvimetry : measurement of the pelvis (as by a pelvimeter or by X-ray examination)

What is the significance of a Gynecoid pelvis?

What does metry mean in medical terms?

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-malacia softening chondromalacia
-megaly enlarged, enlargement gastromegaly
-meter instrument used to measure thermometer
-metry measuring, process of measuring spirometry

When was Pelvimetry invented?

Originally described by Dr. Caldwell and Dr. Moloy in “Anatomical Variations in the Female Pelvis: Their classification and Obstetrical Significance” in 1938.