Why is Paul Molitor in the Hall of Fame?

Why is Paul Molitor in the Hall of Fame?

Molitor was elected to the Hall of Fame in 2004. He managed the Minnesota Twins from 2015-18, earning the 2017 American League Manager of the Year Award. that Paul Molitor set a World Series record with five hits in Game 1 on Oct.

When did Paul Molitor play for the Brewers?

1996Minnesota Twins
1993Toronto Blue Jays1978Milwaukee Brewers
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What teams did Paul Molitor play for?

Minnesota Twins1996 – 1998
Toronto Blue Jays1993 – 1995Milwaukee Brewers1978 – 1992
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Why did Paul Molitor leave Milwaukee?

Molitor most often played third base in 1982–89, but injuries subsequently limited him to serving as designated hitter and, occasionally, playing first base. Molitor left Milwaukee in 1993 after the Brewers were unable to match the Toronto Blue Jays ’ offer of $13 million for three years.

How many hits does Paul Molitor have?

Paul Molitor, in full Paul Leo Molitor (born August 22, 1956, St. Paul, Minnesota, U.S.), American baseball player whose .306 lifetime batting average and 3,319 career hits made him one of the most consistent offensive players in Major League Baseball (MLB) history.

What was Paul Molitor’s rookie year?

Paul Molitor. The third choice in the 1977 baseball draft, he played only 64 minor league games before being called up to the majors as a rookie second baseman for the Milwaukee Brewers in 1978. His .273 batting average and 30 stolen bases earned him American League (AL) Rookie of the Year accolades from both The Sporting News and Baseball Digest.

What did Paul Molitor do in the World Series?

Paul Molitor. With a record six consecutive hits, he lifted the Blue Jays over the Chicago White Sox in the AL Championship Series. After playing in only one World Series in his 15 Milwaukee seasons, he helped the Blue Jays defeat the Philadelphia Phillies, four games to two, to win the championship.