Why does Teddy destroy his paper world?

Why does Teddy destroy his paper world?

His uncle and aunt mock him and make fun of how he plays with paper dolls. The uncle also suggests that Teddy would be asking to wear a skit . After Teddy’s uncle and aunt mocks him, he rushed to the attic in a fit of rage and tears down the castle and destroys the model world.

What is the theme of the fall of a city by Alden Nowlan?

The theme of the story is to always watch what you say. This is the theme due to the fact that Teddy was forced to change based off of what his aunt and uncle had said. Words can hurt and you can never take it them back.

What is the meaning and significance of the title the fall of a city?

The title of the short story The Fall of a City is about Teddy’s paper city. The paper city has fallen once it’s leader ( Teddy) has lost his confidence. Being a leader means having good self esteem and being confident.

What is the climax of the fall of a city?

The climax occurs when Teddy tears all his paper dolls and cardboard city after his uncle laughs at the thought of him playing with what he states to be ‘girly toys’. The story’s subject is about imagination and stereotypes.

What point of view is the fall of a city?

The point of view in the story is third person, the author uses pronouns such as “he” and “she” to express and describe the thoughts of each character openly. “Once again he burst into laughter.

What is the subject of the fall of a city?

What is the conflict in the fall of the city?

it is the conflict between Teddy and his uncle and auntie, on how they belittle him and criticizes what he does. it is an internal conflict between Teddy and himself as he tries to hide his true feelings by ignoring the reality by living in a fantasy.

What is the resolution of the fall of a city?

Resolution – The story ends off with Teddy going into a tantrum, he destroys his kingdom by ripping apart his cardboard boxes.

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Living in the real world is perceptual at best. One’s reality is not representative as a whole to others. One may never ‘live in the real world’ because they never ‘grow up’ and live as though they are a child. Immature and taking no real responsible ‘adult’ role in life.

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