Why did Sharon M Draper wrote Tears of a Tiger?

Why did Sharon M Draper wrote Tears of a Tiger?

Sharon Draper wrote Tears of a Tiger as a personal challenge to herself. She had been teaching high school and middle school for many years and just knew she “could write a book that they would love from the very first page” (Sharon Draper website). Draper definitely succeeded in her personal challenge.

Where was Sharon M Draper born?

Cleveland, OH
Sharon M. Draper/Place of birth

Sharon Draper (born 1948) grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, where she majored in English at Pepperdine University then earned her Masters of Arts in English at Miami University of Ohio.

Who was admitted to the hospital Tears of a Tiger?

Robert ‘Rob’ Washington, the captain of the Hazelwood High basketball team, was trapped inside and burned to death. The other two passengers, B. J. Carson and Tyrone Mills, escaped with minor injuries. The driver, Jackson, has been hospitalized with burns sustained while trying to save Washington, but is doing well.

Is Out of My Mind realistic?

The book, Out of my Mind by Sharon M. Draper, is a novel about a young girl’s journey to overcome a disability she’s had since birth. The book’s genre is realistic fiction and is set around Southwest Ohio in modern times, but can very well be Anywhere, USA.

What is Sharon Draper best known for?

Sharon Draper. Sharon Mills Draper (born August 21, 1948) is an American children’s writer and a professional educator, the 1997 National Teacher of the Year. She is a five-time winner of the Coretta Scott King Award for books about the African-American experience. She may be known best for the Hazelwood and Jericho series…

How many children does Marjorie Draper have?

The couple has four children. As an English teacher in the Cincinnati Public School system, Draper earned a reputation as a no-nonsense educator who challenged her students to the limit. “I demand the best from them,” she explained on her Web site, “and they expect the best from me.”

Where did Addison Draper live as a child?

Draper was born in Cleveland, Ohio to Victor D. Mills and Catherine Gachett Mills. She has two younger siblings. Growing up, she played the piano and loved to read. By eleven she had read nearly every children’s book in her local library and was given a special library card in order to be allowed to check out adult books.

Where did Peggy Draper go to college?

Pepperdine offered her a teaching position while she pursued a master’s degree, but Draper chose to return to Ohio where she enrolled at Miami University of Ohio. She earned a master’s degree in 1974. During this same period, she married her husband, Larry Draper, who is also a teacher.