Why are my fog lights on?

Why are my fog lights on?

Most fog lights are designed to go off when the car’s ignition or lights are turned off, so the most likey reason why a car is driving in clear weather with fog lights on is because the driver is not paying attention and has failed to turn them off.

How do I turn off the fog light indicator?

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Where is my fog light relay?

The most common location of the fog light relay is in the underhood fuse and relay box. The underhood fuse/relay box can be mounted in any of several different locations under the hood. It can be mounted on either the driver or passenger side, and either the front or rear, of the engine compartment.

When must you turn off the rear anti fog light?

Switch on your rear fog lamps when there is no one close behind – but switch them off as soon as they have done their job and the driver behind can see your regular tail lamps. For example, if you are in a slow moving queue of traffic in fog, the driver five metres behind doesn’t need your fog lights!

How do I turn on my rear fog lights?

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Why won’t my fog lights come on?

Blown Fuse: As a first resort, many mechanics will inspect your fuses in the event an electrical component, like the fog or driving lights, fails. When a fuse blows, it prevents the circuit from completing and will not allow the lights to turn on. Burned-out Bulbs: Over time, bulbs will wear out and will stop working.

Why are vehicles fitted with rear fog lights?

Explanation: Rear fog lights make it easier to spot a vehicle ahead in foggy conditions. Avoid the temptation to use other vehicles’ lights as a guide, as they may give you a false sense of security.

Why do cars only have one rear fog light?

Some cars are designed with one or two rear fog lights. However, only the light on the driver’s side is turned on to avoid confusion with brake lights. Without these rear fog lights, your chance of being involved in an accident will increase significantly during times of poor visibility.