Who were the Victorian premiers?

Who were the Victorian premiers?

Daniel AndrewsSince 2014

How many premiers has Victoria had?

A gallery of the 19 Premiers’ portraits held by the Parliament of Victoria is now available, including historical information about the collection, Premiers and artists.

Who is Victoria’s longest serving Premier?

Sir Henry Edward Bolte GCMG (20 May 1908 – 4 January 1990) was an Australian politician of the Liberal Party. He was the 38th and, to date, longest-serving Premier of Victoria.

Who was the Premier of Victoria in 1967?

The incumbent Liberal Party government, led by Premier Henry Bolte, was returned for a fifth term.

How long was Jeff Kennett Premier of Victoria?

Jeffrey Gibb Kennett AC (born 2 March 1948) is a former Australian politician who was the 43rd Premier of Victoria between 1992 and 1999, and currently a media commentator. He is currently the president of the Hawthorn Football Club.

How much does the Premier of Victoria get paid?

Additional salaries and expense allowances

Specified parliamentary office holder Additional salary $ Expense allowance $
Premier 208,631 56,871
Deputy Premier 176,447 21,745
Any other responsible Minister of the Crown 157,158 16,727
Leader of the Opposition 157,158 16,727

Who was Victorian Premier in 1970?

The incumbent Liberal government led by Henry Bolte was returned for a sixth term with a slightly reduced majority.

Who did Jeff Kennett lose to?

The Liberal–National Coalition led by Jeff Kennett and Pat McNamara was narrowly defeated due mainly to a significant swing against it in rural and regional Victoria.

What party did Jeff Kennett belong to?

Liberal Party of Australia (Victorian Division)
Jeff Kennett/Parties

What is the role of the Victorian Premier?

Premier of Victoria. The Premier of Victoria is the head of government in the Australian state of Victoria. The Premier is appointed by the governor of Victoria, and is the leader of the political party able to secure a majority in the Legislative Assembly.

Who is the current Premier of Victoria?

The incumbent Premier of Victoria since the 2014 election is Daniel Andrews of the Australian Labor Party . As of 10 April 2021, five former premiers are alive, the oldest being Jeff Kennett (1992–1999, born 1948).

How many premiers have there been in Victoria?

List of premiers of Victoria No. Premier Term of office Party Election (s) 45 John Brumby 30 July 2007 Labor 2010 46 Ted Baillieu 2 December 2010 Liberal 2010 47 Denis Napthine 6 March 2013 Liberal 2014 48 Daniel Andrews 4 December 2014 Labor 2014 2018

Who is the Victorian Premier with a statue at Treasury Place?

Premiers of Victoria who have served for more than 3000 days have a statue installed at Treasury Place. Four Victorian premiers have been afforded this honour: Albert Dunstan, Henry Bolte, Rupert Hamer and John Cain Junior. The incumbent Premier of Victoria since the 2014 election is Daniel Andrews of the Australian Labor Party . Cain Jr. I