Who was JFK JRS wife?

Who was JFK JRS wife?

Carolyn Jeanne Bessette-Kennedy
Carolyn Jeanne Bessette-Kennedy (January 7, 1966 – July 16, 1999) was a publicist for Calvin Klein and the wife of John F. Kennedy Jr….

Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy
Spouse(s) John F. Kennedy Jr. ​ ( m. 1996)​

Who was JFK Junior married to?

Carolyn Bessette-Kennedym. 1996–1999
John F. Kennedy Jr./Spouse

Who inherited JFK Jr estate?

His will, which was filed in court later that year, gave some of his estate to charity. However, according to the Associated Press, nearly all of his possessions went to his sister, Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, and her three children: Rose Kennedy Schlossberg, Tatiana Kennedy Schlossberg, and John B.

Did Caroline and Kennedy Jr close?

This majorly affected JFK Jr. as they were extremely close. Before the tragic day, Jackie wrote him a letter to be opened only after her death. In it, she said, “I understand the pressure you’ll forever have to endure as a Kennedy…”

When did John Kennedy Jr marry?

September 21, 1996 (Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy)
John F. Kennedy Jr./Wedding dates

How did John F Kennedy Jr meet his wife?

Bessette met the eldest son of JFK and Jackie Kennedy Onassis in 1992, when she was working for Calvin Klein, and he was dating the actress Daryl Hannah.

What was JFK’s net worth?

His net worth, disclosed at over $9.9 million, placed him in the top ten but well below his colleague from Massachusetts, John Kerry, whose $163.6 million topped the list. In 1998, Merchandise Mart and other properties were sold for $625 million — a 50 year return on profit of nearly 2,000%.

How much did Kennedy’s pay Bessette family?

Kennedy Jr as well as his personal lawyer, assistant, his former nanny and his mother’s former assistant. The Bessette family, who has one surviving daughter today living in Michigan, reportedly reached a $15 million dollar settlement with Kennedy’s estate in 2001 in a wrongful-death suit.

Where is JFK Jr buried?

Mayflower Cemetery crematorium
At the same time, the Kennedy and Bessette families announced their plans for memorial services. On July 21, the three bodies were taken from Hyannis to Duxbury, Massachusetts, where they were cremated in the Mayflower Cemetery crematorium.

Where was JFK Jr wedding?

Kennedy Jr. had married Carolyn Bessette in a private ceremony in the island’s tiny First African Baptist Church, filling the church’s eight pews with family and friends and no media. They held the reception at the historic Greyfield Inn, the lone hotel on the secluded island, some 20 miles off the coast of Georgia.

Did JFK marry his cousin?

On September 21, 1996, they married in a private ceremony on Cumberland Island, Georgia, where his sister, Caroline, was matron of honor and his cousin Anthony Radziwill was best man.

How Carolyn Bessette got JFK Jr?

Carolyn met John Kennedy Jr, the son of 35th President John F. Gillon, a classmate of John’s at Brown University who was later a contributing editor at George, told InStyle in 2019.