Who owns the name Mazz?

Who owns the name Mazz?

Lopez and former bandmate Jimmy Gonzalez co-owned the trademarked band name, however, tragically Gonzalez passed away June of this year. “Joe is now the sole owner of the name, Grupo Mazz.” explained Trevino with a copy of the Patent and Trademark documentation.

What happened to Mazz?

Gonzalez was pronounced dead in San Antonio, Texas on June 6, 2018, after suffering from low blood sugar as a result of his diabetes.

Is Joe Lopez back with Mazz?

Billy Bob’s Texas made the announcement via social media saying, “The Joe Lopez y Grupo Mazz concert scheduled for September 18, 2021, has been canceled. Billy Bob’s Texas remains committed to the citizens of Fort Worth and will continue to take the feedback and concerns of our community seriously.”

What happened to Jimmy Gonzalez?

More videos on YouTube Jimmy Gonzalez passed away in June 2018 and is remembered as a pioneer, icon, and one of the most influential artists in Tejano Music leading Grupo Mazz to multiple Grammy Awards and Latin Grammy Awards. The legacy of Jimmy Gonzalez will continue with his son Mike Gonzalez leading the way.

Who wrote songs for Grupo Mazz?

Jimmy Gonzalez, ‘Mastermind’ Behind the Grammy-Winning Grupo Mazz, Dies at 67.

What is the meaning of Mazz?

Mazz is a Tejano band originally from Brownsville, Texas. The band was known for their idiosyncratic and innovative form of Tejano cumbia which made them distinguishable among their counterparts. Mazz became one of the most popular Tejano music bands during the genre’s 1990s golden age.

Who was Jimmy Gonzalez wife?

Lisa Gonzalezm.?–2018
Yolanda Solism.?–1984
Jimmy González/Wife

How old is Tejano Joe Lopez?

Lopez, 70, was convicted of charges including aggravated sexual assault of a child — his then 13-year-old niece — and sentenced to 32 years in prison more than a decade ago. Lopez was released on parole in March 2018 after serving almost 12 years of the sentence.

Who is Gonzalez wife?

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Who is Jimmy Gonzalez’s ex-Grupo Mazz lead singer?

Lopez was co-founder of legendary Grupo Mazz with late Tejano icon Jimmy Gonzalez in the 1970s, and was lead vocalist for one of the most popular groups in Tejano music, producing several hits and albums. In 1998, he and Gonzalez split and formed separate bands.

What happened to Tejano star Juan Lopez?

The Tejano Nation dot net reported on Thursday that “concerns over the performance deal with Lopez, who is a convicted sex offender that was paroled in March 2018 after he served 12 years of his 20-year prison sentence for multiple sex offenses involving his 13-year-old niece in 2004.

Who is George Lopez and when was he released from prison?

The 69-year-old was released in March 2018 under several conditions, including that he register as a sex offender and that he not visit Harris County, which is where his niece lives. Lopez has maintained his innocence.

Was Jennifer Lopez’s Mexican Fiesta performance canceled?

The Lopez performance was canceled shortly after Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA) first reported it. But, Mexican Fiesta failed to publicly announce the cancelation at the time.