Who owns Jacada?

Who owns Jacada?

Autonomous customer experience platform Jacada has been acquired by Uniphore, an American software company that offers Conversational Service Automation (CSA).

Where is Jacada located?

Jacada operated headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, and offices in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Nordic regions. In 2021, Jacada became a part of Uniphore.

When did Jacada go public?

In 1997, the company introduced its first Java-based web-to-host product branded “Jacada”. In 1999, Jacada changed the company name from Client/Server Technology Ltd. to Jacada Ltd. Jacada went public in October 1999, and its shares are traded on Nasdaq under the symbol “JCDA.”

What does jacjacada do?

Jacada (NASDAQ: JCDAF) is a software and services company which provides unified desktop and process optimization products for customer service and support.

What is Jacada Fusion?

Jacada Fusion, introduced in May 2004, is a process optimization platform that automates navigation across, and access to, any style of business system. The firm focuses on the insurance, utilities, and telecommunications markets.

Why choose techtravelling with Jacada?

Travelling with Jacada is as much about the people you meet as it is about the places you go to. We also have a support team of superheroes who work behind the scenes to make sure your trip is seamless, looking after you every step of the way and jumping in to resolve any mid-trip issues before you even know they’ve come up.