Who is the holder for the most passing yards in NFL history?

Who is the holder for the most passing yards in NFL history?

Tom Brady
List of National Football League career passing yards leaders. This is the top 50 National Football League players with the highest total career regular season passing yards. Tom Brady holds the record with 82,381 passing yards.

Who was the most prolific passer in the NFL?

All-time outdoor professional quarterback passing statistics

Rank Name Yardage
1 Tom Brady 82,074
2 Drew Brees 80,358
3 Anthony Calvillo 79,816
4 Damon Allen 72,381

Who was the first NFL quarterback to top 40000 yards passing?

Johnny Unitas retired as the leader in 1973 at 40,239, the first QB to reach 40,000. Fran Tarkenton held the record when he called it a career in 1978 at 47,003. Dan Marino held the record at 61,361 until Brett Favre passed him in 2007, his last year with the Packers.

Who has the most passing yards in a single season?

Peyton Manning

Rank Player Yds
1 Peyton Manning+ (37) 5,477
2 Drew Brees (32) 5,476
3 Tom Brady (34) 5,235
4 Drew Brees (37) 5,208

Which QB has the most passing yards 2021?

Players with most passing yards in NFL history 2021 In October 2021, Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ quarterback Tom Brady overtook Drew Brees to become the NFL’s leading passer of all time. In a twist of fate, he achieved the feat against his former team, the New England Patriots.

Who has the most passing yards in 2021?

Derek Carr
NFL Stat Leaders 2021

Passing YDS
1 Derek CarrLV 3,414
2 Tom BradyTB 3,403
3 Matthew StaffordLAR 3,316
4 Justin HerbertLAC 3,230

Who is the most accurate passer?

Recently retired New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees tops the all-time list as the most accurate passer in NFL history.

Who is the most accurate passer of all time?

Drew Brees

Rank Player Cmp%
1 Deshaun Watson 67.8%
2 Drew Brees 67.7%
3 Kirk Cousins 67.1%
4 Teddy Bridgewater 66.9%

Who holds most NFL quarterback records?


Rank Quarterback Career wins
1 * Tom Brady 238
2 ^ Brett Favre 186
^ Peyton Manning 186
4 Drew Brees 172

What QB has the most rushing yards?

Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson owns the NFL’s all-time record for rushing yards in a season by a quarterback, with 1,206 rushing yards in 2019.

Who was the first QB to throw for 4000 yards?

quarterback Joe Namath
Most 4,000-yard passers Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath of the New York Jets was the first quarterback in pro football history to throw for 4,000 yards in a season when he accumulated 4,007 yards in 1967.

What is Lamar Jackson passing percentage?

Lamar Jackson has his best completion percentage this season, at 64.2 percent.

Lamar Jackson 2021 261.2