Who is the girl in the picture in Blacklist Season 1 episode 4?

Who is the girl in the picture in Blacklist Season 1 episode 4?

A: As revealed in the final episode of the season, the woman is Milos Kirchoff’s daughter who’s various body parts were sent to him while he was in prison in Siberia.

Will there be a season 9 blacklist?

“The Blacklist” has officially moved on from Liz Keen’s death. The NBC drama returned for its ninth season on Oct. 21 with the first episode since the exit of Megan Boone, who starred as the former FBI profiler since the pilot.

Who killed Victor Fokin blacklist?

A search of her apartment produced a photograph of Tom Keen who she claims not to know. When questioned about the murder of Victor Fokin, she claims to have committed the crime on the orders of Raymond Reddington.

Who is #79 on the blacklist?

Esteban (No. 79) Liz is abducted by a man claiming to be her father, prompting Red’s desperate efforts to find her.

What was the picture Red took from The Stewmaker?

As Red describes to Fitch midway through the episode, the girl came to the Stewmaker many years prior, saying she was in trouble and needed to “disappear.” The Stewmaker took her photo, placed it in a locket and sent the memento to Berlin, who went on for years believing his daughter — the girl in the photograph — was …

Who is Berlin’s daughter?

Returning to the main story, Red meets with Berlin, then reveals his daughter Zoe (Scottie Thompson) is alive, and he presents her to him, thus making their feud pointless because Berlin believed Red killed her. Red asks Berlin ‘who told you the lie?’; he reveals the person’s identity as The Decembrist.

Did Elizabeth Keen get her teeth fixed?

Megan Boone was an American actress known for her role as an FBI Agent consultant Elizabeth Keen in the Drama series, The blacklist. ‘, Placik also tells Globe, ‘She clearly had her teeth whitened and the the gaps closed with braces.

What happens to Dembe in blacklist?

Early in the premiere, Dembe and his FBI partner have a meet-up with members of the syndicate that goes awry, resulting in the death of Dembe’s partner, the fiery explosion of a truck containing the stolen microchips, and third-degree burns across Dembe’s body. He ends up in the hospital, and he’s not doing amazing.

Who is Tom’s lover?

Elsewhere, Red informs Elizabeth and the FBI that the next name on the Blacklist is a beautiful and deadly corporate terrorist, Gina Zanetakos (Margarita Levieva), who he claims is Tom’s lover.

Is Gina Zanetakos dead?

Red (James Spader) then informed Liz of Zanetakos, an assassin who engaged in corporate espionage and terrorism, who was also Tom’s lover. Unlike the fate of most Blacklisters, Gina wasn’t killed, but offered a deal by the feds in exchange for her testimony.

What did Tom whisper in Lizzie’s ear?

Quite the scuffle ensues: Tom shoots Red, Liz shoots Tom, Red flees the scene, and before Liz leaves Tom to bleed out and die — which we later learn he doesn’t — Tom whispers something in Liz’s ear: “Your father is alive.”

Why did Berlin cut his hand off?

He changed clothes with the deceased prison guard and cut off his own left hand since it was tattooed and it could be used to identify him. When agents Keen and Ressler come to question him, they believe him to be the surviving prison guard.

What is “Angel Station?

Get the whole story here at Nerds and Scoundrels. The first mention of “Angel Station” comes from a ballistic report. The report was discovered by Elizabeth Keen during her trip to the FBI Evidence Storage Facility. The ballistics report was labeled “Angel Station” and dated June 23, 2012.

What really happened at the Angel Station Hotel Boston?

Only then does Liz realize the restaurant connected to the hotel is named the Angel Station Hotel. That’s right, that places Liz AND Tom in proximity of the Angel Station Hotel Boston the weekend of the classified murder. What Really Happened? To date, it remains a mystery.

Where is the US immigration station on Angel Island?

The U.S. Immigration Station, Angel Island, a National Historic Landmark, is located in Angel Island State Park, on Angel Island in the San Francisco Bay, CA. Additional information is available on the Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation website.

Why is the London Underground station called Angel?

^ Angel is one of the five stations on the London Underground named after a public house – in this case the once-famous Angel inn, which dates back to at least 1638. The others are Elephant & Castle, Manor House, Royal Oak and Swiss Cottage. ^ This rebuilding technique was also applied on Euston’s Bank branch platforms.