Who is Richard Courant?

Who is Richard Courant?

Richard Courant. Richard Courant (January 8, 1888 – January 27, 1972) was a German American mathematician.

Where did Courant go to school?

Courant received his secondary education in Germany and Switzerland and his doctorate from the University of Göttingen in 1910 under David Hilbert. For the next four years he taught mathematics at Göttingen. Then, at age 26, his teaching and research were interrupted by World War I.

Who is Richard Courant father of David Nirenberg?

…Courant, whose father was mathematician Richard Courant, cofounder of the New York University (NYU) mathematical institute that was later named in his honour. The elder Courant recommended that Nirenberg get a master’s degree in mathematics at NYU before continuing his studies in physics.

Who was Courant’s Mathematics teacher?

Adolf Kneser, Georg Landsberg and Jakob Rosanes were among his mathematics teachers but Courant still found that, for him, their courses lacked excitement. Courant had studied at Breslau with two fellow students Otto Toeplitz and Ernst Hellinger.

What has the Courant achieved in mathematics?

D URING HIS LONG and adventurous life Courant achieved many things in mathematics: in research and the applications of research, in the exposition of mathematics and the education of students, and in administrative and organizational matters.

What did Courant do in WW1?

Courant was drafted into the army; he fought on the western front and was seriously wounded. While in the trenches, Courant had seen the need for reliable means of communication, and came to the idea of a telegraph that would use Earth as a conductor.

What did Courant and Hilbert write?

Courant and David Hilbert authored the influential textbook Methoden der mathematischen Physik, which, with its revised editions, is still current and widely used since its publication in 1924. With Herbert Robbins he coauthored a popular overview of higher mathematics, intended for the general public, titled What is Mathematics?.