Who is Jessy Mendiola husband?

Who is Jessy Mendiola husband?

Luis Manzano

Jessy Mendiola
Occupation Actress, model
Years active 2004–present
Agent Star Magic (2007–2019) Viva Artists Agency (2019–present)
Spouse(s) Luis Manzano ​ ( m. 2021)​

What is Jessy Mendiola real name?

Jessica Mendiola Tawile
Jessy Mendiola/Full name

Where is Jessy Mendiola born?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Jessy Mendiola/Place of birth

Where did Jessy Mendiola graduate?

Far Eastern University
Jessy Mendiola/Education

Who are Jessy Mendiola’s parents?

Roger Tawile
Didith Garvida
Jessy Mendiola/Parents
Jessy was born to parents Didith Garvida and Roger Tawile and she was raised alongside her two siblings named Megan Mendiola Tawile, and Pamela Mendiola Tawile. Jessy moved to the Philippines along with her whole family members when she was just 3 years old.

Who is Jessy Mendiola’s father?

Roger Tawile
Jessy Mendiola/Fathers

Who are Jessy Mendiola parents?

Who is Jessy Mendiola’s mother?

Didith Garvida
Jessy Mendiola/Mothers

Who is Vilma Santos son?

Ryan Christian Santos Recto
Luis Manzano
Vilma Santos/Sons

How old is Vilma?

68 years (November 3, 1953)
Vilma Santos/Age

Does Maricel Soriano have a child?

Marron Soriano
Sebastien Soriano
Maricel Soriano/Children

What is the age of Gloria Romero?

87 years (December 16, 1933)
Gloria Romero/Age

How old is Jessy Mendiola now?

Jessy Mendiola Facts: *She was born on December 3, 1992 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. *She was born to a Filipino mother and a half Lebanese, half British father. *In 2016, she was placed at #1 in the list of Sexiest Woman in the Philippines by FHM Philippines.

Who is Jessica Mendiola Tawile’s father?

Born Jessica Mendiola Tawile on December 3, 1992 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to parents Didith Garvida and Roger Tawile, she has two sisters, one younger and one older. Jessica moved with her mother and her elder sister Pamela to the Philippines at the age of 3.

Who is Jessy Mendiola from Abt Ur Luv?

Jessy Mendiola was one of the 18 new talents launched by ABS-CBN under Star Magic Batch 15. She, along with Megan Young, Alfonso Martinez, Carlo Guevarra and her Star Magic batchmates, joined the cast of Star Magic Presents: Abt Ur Luv, when it was revamped to Abt Ur Luv Ur Lyf 2 in 2007.

Who is marymendiola Mendiola?

Mendiola was born in Dubai, where her father used to work. She is the second of three siblings of a Filipina mother and a Lebanese – British father. She was three years old when her mother moved and brought her and her elder sister Pamela to the Philippines.