Who is a famous person from Alaska?

Who is a famous person from Alaska?

Tony Barnette 1983 MLB player for the Texas Rangers
Irene Bedard 1967 actress; voice actor for Pocahontas
Benny Benson 1913 designer of the Flag of Alaska
Chad Bentz 1980 major league baseball pitcher
Bill Berry 1926 painter, cartoonist

Who is the most famous person born in Alaska?

Learn more about some of the most notorious Alaskan celebrities:

  • Jewel Kilcher. Often referred to by her first name, Jewel Kilcher is a singer and songwriter who rose to fame in the 1990s and has maintained her popularity ever since.
  • Archie Van Winkle.
  • Bob Ross.
  • Mario Chalmers.
  • Wyatt Earp.
  • Larry Sanger.

Who are the people from Alaska?

Alaska Natives or Alaskan Natives are indigenous peoples of Alaska, United States and include: Iñupiat, Yupik, Aleut, Eyak, Tlingit, Haida, Tsimshian, and a number of Northern Athabaskan cultures.

Who are famous singers from Alaska?

Other popular Alaska artists include Jewel, Portugal the Man, Marian Call, Artis the Spoonman, and Hilary Weeks.

Who are three famous people Alaska?

Here is a list of celebrities who have called Alaska home.

  • Curt Schilling. Schilling spent his early years in Anchorage.
  • Valerie Plame Wilson. Plame Wilson was born on a military base in Anchorage.
  • Jewel. Born in Utah, the 90’s pop icon grew up in Homer, Alaska.
  • Irene Bedard.
  • Larry Sanger.
  • Wyatt Earp.
  • Jack London.
  • John Muir.

Is Alaska safe to live?

Despite Alaskans’ confidence in their safety, the state sees the highest levels of violent crime in the nation (with the exception of Washington DC). Experience with property crime is 55% higher in Alaska than the national average.

Who discovered Alaska?

Vitus Bering
The 1700s. In 1728, Vitus Bering, a Danish explorer, documents the Bering Strait between Asia and North America. In 1741, A Russian expedition led by Vitus Bering, along with George Steller, made the first “discovery” of Alaska, landing near what today is Kayak Island.

What’s the capital of Alaska?


Juneau, city and borough, capital (since 1906) of Alaska, U.S. The city, at the heart of the Inside Passage (Alaska Marine Highway), is located in the southeastern part of the state, on the Gastineau Channel.

What nationality is Alaska?

According to the 2010 United States census, the racial composition of Alaska was the following: White: 66.7% (Non-Hispanic White: 64.1%) Black 3.6% Asian 5.4% (4.4% Filipino, 0.3% Chinese, 0.2% Laotian, 0.2% Japanese, 0.1% Indian, 0.1% Vietnamese, 0.1% Thai)

Who is the most famous musician from Alaska?

  • Jewel Kilcher (born May 23, 1974) is an American singer-songwriter, musician, actress, and author.
  • Jewel was raised near Homer, Alaska, where she grew up singing and yodeling as a duo with her father, a local musician.
  • Her subsequent album, Spirit, was released in 1998, followed by This Way (2001).

Do any celebrities live in Alaska?

Is Alaska full of criminals?

Are there any famous people that live in Alaska?

Famous People From Alaska. Not many know that this American state is also a place where several celebrities were born and raised. Singer/Songwriter Jewel, model Holly Madison, writer Margaret Elizabeth Bell, Basketball star Carlos Boozer, painter Sydney Lawrence and Baseball star Curt Schilling are a few famous people from Alaska.

Are there any professional basketball players from Alaska?

Born in Anchorage, Mario Chalmers is another professional basketball player with ties to Alaska. He played for the NBA for many years and has most recently been playing basketball in the European professional leagues. 9. Mark Schlereth (born in Anchorage)

How well do you know Alaska?

Alaska houses Denali, the Iditarod and gorgeous northern lights. The state is also home to more than 800,000 people, and some of those people are pretty well known. The most famous is arguably Sarah Palin.

What is Alaskan culture?

Alaskan culture encourages its citizens, both native and non-native, to speak their minds and become activists. Elizabeth Wanamaker Peratrovich (1911 – 1958) was a Tlingit native leader who fought for equal rights for natives in Alaska.