Who has the top 5 highest IQ?

Who has the top 5 highest IQ?

Also, note that this list is NOT exhaustive and may not include the name of every person with a high IQ.

  • Stephen Hawking (IQ Score: 160)
  • Paul Allen (IQ Score: 160-170)
  • Albert Einstein (IQ Score: 160-190)
  • Judit Polgar (IQ Score: 170)
  • John H.
  • Philip Emeagwali (IQ Score: 190)
  • Mislav Predavec (IQ Score: 190)

Who has the highest IQ 2020?

The person with the highest IQ score in the world is American magazine columnist Marilyn vos Savant, 74, according to the Guinness Book of Records. She has an IQ of 228. Copyright 2021 WDRB Media.

Who had an IQ of 260?

William James Sidis
He entered Harvard at age 11 and, as an adult, was claimed to have an extremely high IQ, and to be conversant in about 25 languages and dialects….

William James Sidis
Born April 1, 1898 Manhattan, New York City, U.S.
Died July 17, 1944 (aged 46) Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.

How high is Jordan Peterson’s IQ?

Jordan stated that his IQ is more than 150, which is considered extraordinary and a record-breaking score. He did study intelligence quotient at one point, so one would think that he would have submitted to an assessment himself, but we don’t remember him actually saying that.

How was Einstein so smart?

There were, in fact, unique features to Einstein’s brain that may be the answer to how he was so smart. Some parts of the brain were thicker than average, which could mean he had a stronger connection between the two hemispheres. People did not take Einstein’s Theory of Relativity seriously when he first published it.

What was Einstein’s blood type?

Said to be the best physicist of the twentieth century, Albert Einstein has been treated as a strange person due to his unbelievable behavior and going at his own pace.It was caused by his blood type “B”!