Which is like pole?

Which is like pole?

Answer: The two different poles or poles having different charges which attract each other are called like poles. Two same poles or poles having same charges which repel each other are called unlike poles.

What are called poles of a magnet?

The ends of a magnet are called its poles. One end is called the north pole, the other is called the south pole. If you line the magnets up so that two of the same poles face each other, the magnets will push away. This is called repulsion. Opposite poles attract each other, but similar poles repel.

What happens when like poles of a magnet come together?

When two like-poles point together, the arrows from the two magnets point in OPPOSITE directions and the field lines cannot join up. So the magnets will push apart (repel).

What are the poles of a magnet made of?

The traditional material for pole pieces was soft iron. While still often used with permanent magnets, soft iron suffers from eddy currents which make it less suitable for use with electromagnets, and particularly inefficient when the magnet is excited by alternating current.

What are poles?

A geographical pole or geographic pole is either of the two points on Earth where its axis of rotation intersects its surface. The North Pole lies in the Arctic Ocean while the South Pole is in Antarctica.

Where are bar magnet poles located?

Answer- Poles are located at the ends of bar magnet just before the ends. These are north and south poles. ) Take the bar magnet and suspend it freely with the help of a thread, the end that points towards north pole will be regarded as north end of the magnet.

How poles are created in magnet?

When you rub a piece of iron along a magnet, the north-seeking poles of the atoms in the iron line up in the same direction. The force generated by the aligned atoms creates a magnetic field.

What does a pole piece do?

A shaped piece of high permeability metal, usually soft iron, which serves to concentrate and direct the magnetic field of a permanent magnet to maximize efficiency of devices like loudspeakers, magnetic cartridges, and cutterheads.

What is a pole piece used for?

A pole piece is a piece of magnetic material that forms an extension of the magnetic circuit in an electric motor, and is used to concentrate the magnetic field where it will be most effective. The current in the rotor creates a magnetic flux that reacts with the pole piece to create torque.

How many poles are there in bar magnet?

two poles
All magnets have two poles.

How can you find the poles of a magnet?

The easiest way to determine the polarity of a magnet is to set the magnet on a flat surface so one of its ends is next to a compass. Then, check which end of the compass needle is pointing at the magnet. If it’s the North end, it’s pointing at the South pole of the magnet.

What are the names of the poles of a magnet?

A magnetic pole on a magnet is the area where the magnetic field lines originate. A magnetic field line (or line of magnetic flux) is the name for a line of magnetic force that a magnet emanates. There are two types of magnetic poles: the north pole and the south pole.

What are the poles of a magnet called?

The ends of a magnet are called the poles. Each magnet has a north pole and south pole. Magnetic fields have field lines, which begin at the north pole of a magnet and end at the south pole .

Why are the Poles the strongest part of a magnet?

Why the Magnetic Force Is Strongest at the North and South Poles. Iron filings make a pattern tracing field lines because each bit of iron is itself a tiny dipole . The force the dipole experiences is proportional to the strength of the dipole and the rate at which the magnetic field changes.