Where was Agamemnon killed?

Where was Agamemnon killed?

When Agamemnon came home he was slain by Aegisthus (in the oldest versions of the story) or by Clytemnestra. According to the accounts given by Pindar and the tragedians, Agamemnon was slain in a bath by his wife alone, after being ensnared by a blanket or a net thrown over him to prevent resistance.

Who murdered Agamemnon in Odyssey?

Clytemnestra, in Greek legend, a daughter of Leda and Tyndareus and wife of Agamemnon, commander of the Greek forces in the Trojan War. She took Aegisthus as her lover while Agamemnon was away at war. Upon his return, Clytemnestra and Aegisthus murdered Agamemnon.

What happened to Agamemnon in the Odyssey?

Odysseus encounters Agamemnon’s spirit in Hades. Agamemnon was murdered by his wife, Clytemnestra, and her lover, Aegisthus, upon his return from the war. He was later avenged by his son Orestes.

What house is Agamemnon in?

House of Atreus

House of Atreus Atreid Dynasty, Atreidae, Atreids, Atreidai, Atreides
Founder Tantalus
Final ruler Tisamenus
Titles King of Mycenae and King of Sparta
Members Tantalus, Niobe, Pelops, Atreus (the dynasty is named after him), Aegisthus, Menelaus, Agamemnon, Aletes, Iphigenia, Electra, Orestes, Tisamenus

Was Agamemnon a Spartan?

Agamemnon was the king of Mycenae and his brother Menelaus was the king of Sparta. Agamemnon and his brother were married to the daughters of King Tyndareus of Sparta, Clytemnestra and Helen. Agamemnon and Menelaus came from a family fraught with murder and incest.

Was Agamemnon in the Trojan horse?

Thought to be the greatest war in classical mythology, the Trojan War is one of the most well-known wars. Agamemnon, king of Mycenae, played an integral role in the war.

Why was Artemis angry at Agamemnon?

Kalkhas announced that they would not be able to sail unless the most beautiful of Agamemnon’s daughters was offered as a sacrificial victim to Artemis; for the goddess was angry at Agamemnon because, after shooting a deer, he had boasted that ‘not even Artemis’ could have shot so well, and because Atreus [his father] …

How does Nestor say Agamemnon died?

Telemachus then asks Nestor about Agamemnon’s fate. Nestor explains that Agamemnon returned from Troy to find that Aegisthus, a base coward who remained behind while the Greeks fought in Troy, had seduced and married his wife, Clytemnestra. With her approval, Aegisthus murdered Agamemnon.

Did Agamemnon cheat on Clytemnestra?

Clytemnestra never forgave Agamemnon for sacrificing her daughter, and at the time Agamemnon was fighting in the Trojan War, she was cheating on her husband with Agamemnon’s cousin, Aegisthus.

Who is Atreus wife?

Atreus subsequently married Pelopia, and she afterward bore Aegisthus. Atreus believed this child to be his own, but Aegisthus was in fact the son of Thyestes. According to one version of the story, Agamemnon and Menelaus—sons of Atreus and Aërope—found Thyestes at Delphi and imprisoned him at Mycenae.

Is Atreus Kratos son?

Divine-Jötnar Physiology: Atreus is the son of Kratos, a Greek divine being and the former God of War, and son to Zeus, and Laufey, a powerful Jötnar Giant. As a result of this, Atreus has a tremendous physiology, making him a hybrid of the Greek and Norse pantheon.

Why was Artemis offended by Agamemnon?

Sources differ on why exactly Artemis was so angry with Agamemnon. Some say he boasted that he could hunt better than the goddess, while others say that he had not done anything; she just was angry at him. With the campaign in trouble and the Atreidae’s reputations at stake, Agamemnon chose to sacrifice his daughter.